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1800John Croft2000-03-07Re: Picts, Celts and IE
1801John Croft2000-03-07Floods, IE myths and Hurrian intermediaries
1802Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-09Re: Amber (was: IE Lithuanian-Mediterranean connections)
1803Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-09Re: Odp: IE Lithuanian-Mediterranean connections
1804Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-09Re: Odp: Tolos & Kurgan
1805Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-09Re: Elektron
1806Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-09Re: Gender of the sun
1807Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-09Re: Gender of the sun
1808Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-09Re: Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1809John Croft2000-03-09Re: non-Indo-european roots
1810Ivanovas/Milatos2000-03-09Re: Iphigeneia
1811Mark Odegard2000-03-09Re: Floods again
1812Mark Odegard2000-03-09Iphigénie en Tauride.
1813Christopher Gwinn2000-03-09Re: Picts, Celts and IE
1814Mark Odegard2000-03-09Re: Odp: Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1815Glen Gordon2000-03-09Unity: Depth, Place, Space, the 4th Dimension and *weid- as a Semit
1816Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-09Re: Picts/Breacan/Color
1817John Croft2000-03-09Re: Tolos & Kurgan
1818Mark DeFillo2000-03-09Derivation of "king"
1819Yves Deroubaix2000-03-09Re: Floods, IE myths and Hurrian intermediaries
1820Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-09Re: IE Flood myths
1821Adriana Kamenetsky2000-03-09Re: Odp: IE Lithuanian-Mediterranean connections
1822Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-09Macro Pelasgia: Etruscan vase
1823Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-09Pelasgian Non-Consensus
1824Dennis Poulter2000-03-09Re: Odp: Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1825Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-09Etruscan News
1826Guillaume JACQUES2000-03-10Re: Odp: IE Lithuanian-Mediterranean connections
1827DEFAYES MICHEL2000-03-10Re: Derivation of "king"
1828Guillaume JACQUES2000-03-10sorok
1829Mark Odegard2000-03-10Re: Derivation of "king"
1830John Croft2000-03-10Re: Picts, Celts and IE
1831Glen Gordon2000-03-10The Etruscan Not-So-News
1832John Croft2000-03-10Re: Floods, IE myths and Hurrian intermediaries
1833Glen Gordon2000-03-10IE modal affixes
1834Glen Gordon2000-03-10Re: Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1835Glen Gordon2000-03-10The IE Flood and Meghe-Teibhages,The God of Large Teabags
1836John Croft2000-03-10Re: Etruscan News
1837John Croft2000-03-10Pelasgians = Etruscans
1838Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-10Re: Odp: Tolos & Kurgan
1839Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-10Unity: Depth, Place, Space, the 4th Dimension and *weid- as a Semit
1840Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-10Re: Amber (was: IE Lithuanian-Mediterranean connections)
1841Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-11Re: Amber (was: IE Lithuanian-Mediterranean connections)
1842Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-11Re: sorok
1843Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-11Re: Odp: Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1845Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-11Re: Gender of the sun
1846Tommy Tyrberg2000-03-11Re: Derivation of "king"
1847John Croft2000-03-11Re: The IE Flood and Meghe-Teibhages,The God of Large Teabags
1848Glen Gordon2000-03-11Re: Unity: Depth, Place, Space, the 4th Dimension and *weid- as a S
1849Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-13Re: sorok
1850Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-13Re: Gender of the sun
1851Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-13Re: Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1852Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-13Re: sorok
1853Christopher Gwinn2000-03-13Re: Picts, Celts and IE
1854Guillaume JACQUES2000-03-13Re: sorok
1855John Croft2000-03-13Re: Labyrinths
1856John Croft2000-03-13Glen's reconstructions Archaeology & Genetics
1857Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-13Re: Unity: Depth, Place, Space, the 4th Dimension and *weid- as a S
1858Adriana Kamenetsky2000-03-13Re: Scythian Gold.
1859Guillaume JACQUES2000-03-13Re: sorok
1860Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-14Re: Odp: Gender of the sun
1861Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-14Re: Odp: sorok
1862John Croft2000-03-14Re: Glen's reconstructions Archaeology & Genetics
1863John Croft2000-03-14Urheimat
1864Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-14Re: Gender of the sun
1865Ivanovas/Milatos2000-03-15Re: Labyrinths
1866Guillaume JACQUES2000-03-15Urheimat
1867Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-15Re: Urheimat
1868Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-15Re: Pelasgians = Etruscans
1869Gregory L. Eyink2000-03-15Praenestine fibula
1870Gregory L. Eyink2000-03-15Labiovelars
1871Glen Gordon2000-03-15Re: The IE Flood and Meghe-Teibhages,The God of Large Teabags
1872Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-16Odp: Praenestine fibula
1873Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-16Odp: Labiovelars
1874Yves Deroubaix2000-03-16Re: Urheimat
1875Yves Deroubaix2000-03-16Re: Labiovelars
1876Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-16Odp: Labiovelars
1877Harald Hammarstrom2000-03-16Re: Urheimat
1878Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-16Re: Urheimat
1879Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-16Re: Labyrinths
1880Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-03-16Re: Pelasgians = Etruscans
1881Hakan Lindgren2000-03-16Reconstructing man's first language
1882Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-16Re: Labyrinths
1883Glen Gordon2000-03-16Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1884Glen Gordon2000-03-16Re: Glen's reconstructions Archaeology & Genetics
1885Guillaume JACQUES2000-03-17Re: Urheimat
1886Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-17Re: Germanic weak verbs and **do**
1887Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-17Re: Labiovelars
1888Mark Odegard2000-03-17Re: Reconstructing man's first language
1889Piotr Gasiorowski2000-03-17Re: Praeneste fibula
1890Glen Gordon2000-03-17Re: Glen's reconstructions Archaeology & Genetics
1891Rex H. McTyeire2000-03-17Re: Pelasgian origins
1892Glen Gordon2000-03-17Gender of the sun and IE *g@lous
1893Glen Gordon2000-03-17Re: Odp: Labiovelars
1894Glen Gordon2000-03-17Re: Urheimat
1895John Croft2000-03-17Re: Urheimat
1896John Croft2000-03-17Consensus check Pelasgians = Etruscans
1897John Croft2000-03-17Again - Intermediates to PIE and Semites
1898John Croft2000-03-17Re: Pelasgians = Etruscans
1899Sergejus Tarasovas2000-03-17Re: Praeneste fibula
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