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200ecl42000-05-16Re: [phoNet] Hey Bwana ....
201Mark Odegard2000-05-17Crack Cow.
202ecl42000-05-17Re: [phoNet] Crack Cow.
203Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-17Re: Crack Cow.
204BONG2000-05-17Re: [phoNet] Re: Crack Cow.
205Muke Tever2000-05-17Re: [phoNet] Re: Crack Cow.
206Juozas Rimas2000-05-17Walk and Want
207Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-17Re: [phoNet] Re: Crack Cow.
208Mark Odegard2000-05-18Re: [phoNet] Walk and Want
209Muke Tever2000-05-18Re: [phoNet] Re: Crack Cow.
210Mark Odegard2000-05-18Re: [phoNet] (unknown)
211Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-18Re: [phoNet] Re: Crack Cow.
212Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-18Re: Walk and Want
213Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-18Re: [phoNet] Re: Walk and Want
214Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-18Re: [phoNet] (unknown)
215Dennis Poulter2000-05-19Re: [phoNet] Digest Number 22 - Crack Cow
216Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-19Re: [phoNet] Digest Number 22 - Crack Cow
217Guillaume JACQUES2000-05-19Re: [phoNet] Digest Number 24
218Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-19Re: [phoNet] Digest Number 24
219Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-19Re: [phoNet] Digest Number 24
220Urban Lindqvist2000-05-20Trivia
221Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-20Re: [phoNet] Trivia
222Mark Odegard2000-05-20Re: [phoNet] Trivia
223Guillaume JACQUES2000-05-20Re: [phoNet] Digest Number 25
224Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-21Re: [phoNet] Digest Number 25
225Urban Lindqvist2000-05-21SV: Trivia
226Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-21Re: [phoNet] SV: Trivia
227Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-23Airstream and phonation types
228Mark Odegard2000-05-24Breathy and Creaky.
229Juozas Rimas2000-05-24Re: [phoNet] Breathy and Creaky.
230Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-24Re: [TIED] Breathy and Creaky.
231Mark Odegard2000-05-25Re: [phoNet] Breathy and Creaky.
232Muke Tever2000-05-25Re: [phoNet] Breathy and Creaky.
233Mark Odegard2000-05-25U. Penn Sound Files.
234BONG2000-05-25Re: [phoNet] Re: [TIED] Breathy and Creaky.
235Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-25Sound files
236Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-25czech fricative trill
237Muke Tever2000-05-25Re: [phoNet] Sound files
238Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-25Re: [TIED] RE: [phoNet] Sound files
239Mark Odegard2000-05-25Re: [phoNet] czech fricative trill
240Juozas Rimas2000-05-27Re: czech fricative trill
241Piotr Sobczak2000-05-28Re: Sound files; czech fricative trill
242Piotr Gasiorowski2000-05-28Re: [phoNet] Re: Sound files; czech fricative trill
243Mark Odegard2000-06-14Iowa accents.
244Piotr Gasiorowski2000-06-14Re: [phoNet] Iowa accents.
245Mark Odegard2000-06-25Explain English R.
246Piotr Gasiorowski2000-06-25Re: [phoNet] Explain English R.
247Piotr Gasiorowski2000-06-28Fw: [emn] Important Announcement
248Mark Odegard2000-06-29Re: [phoNet] Explain English R.
249Mark Odegard2000-06-29Re: [phoNet] Fw: [emn] Important Announcement
250Mark Odegard2000-07-14Schäääbig
251Piotr Gasiorowski2000-07-18SimPL
252hi-naga2000-07-18Re: [phoNet] SimPL
253Piotr Gasiorowski2000-07-18Re: [phoNet] SimPL
254Martin u. Birgit Hanheide2000-07-18Re: [phoNet] SimPL
255Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-01Fw: UniPad 0.94 has been released
256alexander.kolnerberger@philips.com2000-08-01Re: [phoNet] Fw: UniPad 0.94 has been released
257Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-01Re: [phoNet] Fw: UniPad 0.94 has been released pronunciation
259Vincent Goetry2000-08-02Hi
260Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-02Re: [phoNet] assam pronunciation assam pronunciation
262Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-02Re: [phoNet] Re: assam pronunciation
263Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-02Re: [phoNet] Re: assam pronunciation
264Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-02Re: [phoNet] Schwas
265Brian Wyndham2000-08-03Re: [phoNet] Re: assam pronunciation
266Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-03Re: [phoNet] Re: assam pronunciation
267Juozas Rimas2000-08-19Recording stuff
268Piotr Gasiorowski2000-08-20Re: [phoNet] Recording stuff
269Rohit Dasari2000-09-06Tamilian America
270Mark Odegard2000-09-08Re: [phoNet] Tamilian America
271Rohit Dasari2000-09-08Re: Tamilian America
272N/A2019-12-23(This message does not exist!)
273Mark Odegard2000-09-12Re: [phoNet] Re: Tamilian America
274Rohit Dasari2000-09-14Re: Tamilian America
275Rohit Dasari2000-09-14Re: Tamilian America
276Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-14Re: [phoNet] Upside-down Rs
277MikeJudiAC@aol.com2000-09-14unsubscribe please
278Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-14Re: [phoNet] Tamil
279N/A2019-12-23(This message does not exist!)
280Rohit Dasari2000-09-15Re: Tamil
281Rohit Dasari2000-09-22Sound sample of the "apicopalatal central approximant"
282Rohit Dasari2000-09-22Download hints
283Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-22Re: Sound sample of the "apicopalatal central approximant"
284N/A2019-12-23(This message does not exist!)
285Rohit Dâsari2000-09-27Pointers
286Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-27Re: Pointers
287Jeffrey S. Jones2000-09-28Re: Pointers
288Piotr Gasiorowski2000-09-28Re: Pointers
289Jeffrey S. Jones2000-09-29Re: Pointers
290Mark Odegard2000-10-07Serbian.
291Piotr Gasiorowski2000-10-07Re: Serbian.
292Piotr Gasiorowski2000-10-17Arial Unicode
293Dexian Sun2000-10-20phonetics teaching methods
294Piotr Gasiorowski2000-10-20Re: phonetics teaching methods
295dexian sun2000-10-23Re: phonetics teaching methods
296Piotr Gasiorowski2000-10-23Re: phonetics teaching methods
297dexian sun2000-10-24Re: phonetics teaching methods
298Mark Odegard2000-10-25Re: phonetics teaching methods
299dexian sun2000-10-25Re: phonetics teaching methods
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