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46900Sergejus Tarasovas2007-01-07A new paper on the Scythian language
46901tgpedersen2007-01-07Re: Origin of reduplication, new idea.
46902Alvin Ekmekciu2007-01-08Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46903C. Darwin Goranson2007-01-08Yes-no questions in PIE
46904mkelkar20032007-01-08Re: Move over Vishnu (:=))
46905Cuadrado2007-01-08Bibrax and Bibracte
46906P&G2007-01-08Re: [tied] Re: Origin of reduplication, new idea.
46907tgpedersen2007-01-08Re: Origin of reduplication, new idea.
46908Abdullah Konushevci2007-01-08Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46909tgpedersen2007-01-08How to get a verb root vowel to ablaut
46910Abdullah Konushevci2007-01-08Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46911squilluncus2007-01-08nullaris in Lettic?
46912alexandru_mg32007-01-09Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46913alex2007-01-10Re: [tied] Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46914george knysh2007-01-10Re: [tied] Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46915george knysh2007-01-10Kullanda
46916altamix2007-01-10[tied] Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46917george knysh2007-01-10Re: [tied] Re: Odp: Thracian, Illyrian
46918Edgard Bikelis2007-01-10Re: [tied] Yes-no questions in PIE
46919Carl Edlund Anderson2007-01-10root behind Gk kalamos, Latin culmus?
46920Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-10Re: [tied] root behind Gk kalamos, Latin culmus?
46921tgpedersen2007-01-10More attempted root merging: *dhe:-/*do:- vs. *bhu:-
46922Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-10Re: [tied] root behind Gk kalamos, Latin culmus?
46923alexandru_mg32007-01-11Genitive of PIE *bHei- 'bee'
46924Pavel A. da Mek2007-01-11Re: [tied] Yes-no questions in PIE
46925Carl Edlund Anderson2007-01-11suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46926Edgard Bikelis2007-01-11Re: [tied] Yes-no questions in PIE
46927C. Darwin Goranson2007-01-11Again with the werewolves and werebears and such in PIE!
46928Brian M. Scott2007-01-11Re: [tied] suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46929tgpedersen2007-01-12Re: Ablaut, hi-conjugation, stress alternation, etc
46930Carl Edlund Anderson2007-01-12Re: [tied] suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46931Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-12Re: [tied] suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46932tgpedersen2007-01-12Re: suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46933tgpedersen2007-01-12Where does the 'Einheitsplural' come from?
46934C. Darwin Goranson2007-01-13A very interesting Indo-Iranian culture. Has a seemingly unique set
46935etherman232007-01-13Re: Again with the werewolves and werebears and such in PIE!
46936tgpedersen2007-01-13Re: Perfect, Latin 1st conj, Tocharian pret. I
46937P&G2007-01-13Re: [tied] Re: Perfect, Latin 1st conj, Tocharian pret. I
46938hwhatting2007-01-13Re: Kullanda
46939Aigius2007-01-13Re: Again with the werewolves and werebears and such in PIE!
46940tgpedersen2007-01-13Re: Perfect, Latin 1st conj, Tocharian pret. I
46941Andrew Jarrette2007-01-13Latin /a/ after labials, IE *mori
46942Rick McCallister2007-01-14Re: [tied] Latin /a/ after labials, IE *mori
46943Brian M. Scott2007-01-14Re[2]: [tied] Latin /a/ after labials, IE *mori
46944mkelkar20032007-01-14Re: Latin /a/ after labials, IE *mori
46945P&G2007-01-14Re: [tied] Re: Perfect, Latin 1st conj, Tocharian pret. I
46946tgpedersen2007-01-14Re: On do/tun
46947Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-14Re: [tied] Re: On do/tun
46948tgpedersen2007-01-14Re: Perfect, Latin 1st conj, Tocharian pret. I
46949tgpedersen2007-01-14[tied] Re: On do/tun
46951george knysh2007-01-14Re: [tied] Re: Kullanda
46952Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-14Re: [tied] Re: On do/tun
46953Andrew Jarrette2007-01-14Re: [tied] Latin /a/ after labials, IE *mori
46954alexandru_mg32007-01-14Genetical Study on Indian Castes
46955tgpedersen2007-01-14Re: On do/tun
46956Francesco Brighenti2007-01-14Re: Latin /a/ after labials, IE *mori
46957mkelkar20032007-01-15Re: Genetical Study on Indian Castes
46958tgpedersen2007-01-15Re: On do/tun
46959tgpedersen2007-01-15Re: On do/tun
46960mandicdavid2007-01-15Meillet's law
46961Mate Kapović2007-01-15Re: [tied] Meillet's law
46962alexandru_mg32007-01-15Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46963mandicdavid2007-01-15Re: Meillet's law
46964Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-15Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46965Mate Kapović2007-01-15Re: [tied] Re: Meillet's law
46966Joao S. Lopes2007-01-15Res: [tied] suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46967Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-15Re: Res: [tied] suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46968Joao S. Lopes2007-01-15Res: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46969Joao S. Lopes2007-01-15Res: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46970Joao S. Lopes2007-01-15Res: [tied] suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46971tgpedersen2007-01-15Re: On do/tun
46972alexandru_mg32007-01-16Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46973alexandru_mg32007-01-16Re: Res: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46974Joao S. Lopes2007-01-16Res: Res: [tied] suffixes in -ario-/-ariu-
46975Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-16Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46976Carl Edlund Anderson2007-01-16Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46977Abdullah Konushevci2007-01-16Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46978alexandru_mg32007-01-16Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46979alexandru_mg32007-01-16Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46980Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-16Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46981mcarrasquer2007-01-16Re: Meillet's law
46982tgpedersen2007-01-16Re: PIE Punctual and Durative
46983Cuadrado2007-01-17excalibur etymology
46984Carl Edlund Anderson2007-01-17Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46985Joao S. Lopes2007-01-17Res: [tied] excalibur etymology
46986alexandru_mg32007-01-17Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46987Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-17Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46988Mate Kapović2007-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Meillet's law
46989mandicdavid2007-01-17Re: Meillet's law
46990mcarrasquer2007-01-17Re: Meillet's law
46991Andrew Jarrette2007-01-17Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46992mandicdavid2007-01-17Re: Meillet's law
46993Mate Kapović2007-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Meillet's law
46994tgpedersen2007-01-17PIE *a and root restrictions
46995Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-17Re: [tied] Re: On do/tun
46996Richard Wordingham2007-01-17Latin Vowel Slurring (was: Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?)
46997Mate Kapović2007-01-17Re: [tied] Re: Meillet's law
46998tgpedersen2007-01-17Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
46999Piotr Gasiorowski2007-01-17Re: [tied] Daimo:n 'Divider' <-> Bog 'Divider' too?
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