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2000Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-02Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2001Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-02Re: IE athematics
2002Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-02Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2003Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-02Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2004Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-02Odp: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2005Tommy Tyrberg2000-04-02Re: Skane
2006Mark Odegard2000-04-02Skadhi.
2007Mark Odegard2000-04-02Re: Skane
2008Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-02Odp: Nordwestblock
2009Tommy Tyrberg2000-04-02Re: Skadhi.
2010Glen Gordon2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Balto and Slavic Rs.
2011Glen Gordon2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2012������ ������2000-04-03The Indo-European Database
2013Dennis Poulter2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Re: Pelastoi/Pelasgoi
2014Dennis Poulter2000-04-03Pelasgian or Nubian Dodona
2015Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Odp: Nordwestblock
2016Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Odp: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2017Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2018Gregory L. Eyink2000-04-03[cybalist] Re: Computational Historical Linguistics
2019Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Scythians
2020Gregory L. Eyink2000-04-03[cybalist] Re: Computational Historical Linguistics
2021Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-03Odp: [cybalist] Odp: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2022Dennis Poulter2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Pelasgians - Consensus
2023Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-03testing
2024Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-03Odp: [cybalist] Odp: Nordwestblock
2025Urban Lindqvist2000-04-03Re: */m/ vs. */bh/
2026Mark Odegard2000-04-03Re: [cybalist] Odp: Nordwestblock
2027David James2000-04-03Cumbrian Sheep Counting Numerals
2028Mark Odegard2000-04-04Ein' feste Burg
2029Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-04[cybalist] Ein' feste Burg
2030Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-04Re: [cybalist] Ein' feste Burg
2031Mark Odegard2000-04-04Re: Odp: [cybalist] Odp: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2032Rex H. McTyeire2000-04-04Pelasgian - Consensus
2033Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-04Odp: [cybalist] Cumbrian Sheep Counting Numerals
2034Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-04Odp: Odp: [cybalist] Odp: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2035Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-04Odp: [cybalist] Re: */m/ vs. */bh/
2036Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-04Re: [cybalist] Balto and Slavic Rs.
2037Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-04Odp: [cybalist] Ein' feste Burg
2038Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-04Re: [cybalist] Re: Computational Historical Linguistics
2039Tommy Tyrberg2000-04-04Re: Odp: [cybalist] Odp: Nordwestblock
2040Tommy Tyrberg2000-04-04Re: Odp: [cybalist] Ein' feste Burg
2041smith2000-04-04Re[2] Computational Historical Linguistics
2042Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-04[cybalist] Re[2] Computational Historical Linguistics
2043Hakan Lindgren2000-04-05Cumbrian sheep counting numerals
2044Hakan Lindgren2000-04-05Why -bhyos and -ei?
2045Steve Woodson2000-04-05Re: Scythians
2046Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-05Odp: [cybalist] Why -bhyos and -ei?
2047Urban Lindqvist2000-04-05SV: Why -bhyos and -ei?
2048Mark Odegard2000-04-05Child of the Waters: An IE myth.
2049Mark Odegard2000-04-05Re: Odp: [cybalist] Ein' feste Burg
2050Glen Gordon2000-04-06When obsessed mathematicians stray into the wrong areas...
2051Glen Gordon2000-04-06Re: [cybalist] Re: Computational Historical Linguistics
2052Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-06Re: [cybalist] Odp: Nordwestblock
2053Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-06Re: [cybalist] Odp: Nordwestblock
2054Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-06Balto-Slavic gud-
2055Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-06Odp: [cybalist] Balto-Slavic gud-
2056Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-06Re: [cybalist] When obsessed mathematicians stray into the wrong ar
2057Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-07Re: [cybalist] Balto-Slavic gud-
2058Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-07Re: [cybalist] Balto-Slavic gud-
2059Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-07Re: [cybalist] Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2060Mark Odegard2000-04-07Re: [cybalist] Re: Balto and Slavic Rs.
2061Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-07Odp: [cybalist] Cumbrian sheep counting numerals
2062Glen Gordon2000-04-08Re: [cybalist] When obsessed mathematicians stray into the wrong ar
2063Glen Gordon2000-04-08Elaison, r-insertion and the athematic...
2064Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-08Re: [cybalist] Linking and intrusive R
2065.2000-04-08Counting sheep
2066Mark Odegard2000-04-08Re: [cybalist] Elaison, r-insertion and the athematic...
2067Mark Odegard2000-04-08Narten Present.
2068Mark Odegard2000-04-08Re: [cybalist] Linking and intrusive R
2069Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-09Re: [cybalist] When obsessed mathematicians stray into the wrong ar
2070Urban Lindqvist2000-04-09SV: Narten Present.
2071Urban Lindqvist2000-04-09SV: Linking and intrusive R
2072Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-09Re: [cybalist] SV: Narten Present.
2073Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-09Re: [cybalist] Narten Presents
2074Mark Odegard2000-04-09Re: [cybalist] SV: Linking and intrusive R
2075Urban Lindqvist2000-04-09SV: Narten Presents
2076Dennis Poulter2000-04-10[cybalist] Pelasgian - Consensus
2077Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-10New phonetic group
2078Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-10Re: SV: Narten Presents
2079Urban Lindqvist2000-04-10SV: Re: SV: Narten Presents
2080Glen Gordon2000-04-11Elaison ou Liaison? Ben, ch'ais po, moe.
2081Glen Gordon2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] When obsessed mathematicians stray into the wrong ar
2082Glen Gordon2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] SV: Linking and intrusive R
2083Dr. S. Kalyanaraman2000-04-11avestan and vedic
2084Gerry Reinhart-Waller2000-04-11Re: When obsessed mathematicians stray into the wrong areas
2085Kraig Hausmann2000-04-11Adjective First
2086Sergejus Tarasovas2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] Adjective First
2087Mark Odegard2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] avestan and vedic
2088Glen Gordon2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] avestan and vedic
2089Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] avestan and vedic
2090Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] avestan and vedic
2091Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] avestan and vedic
2092Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-11Re: [cybalist] avestan and vedic
2093Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-11Multiple posting
2094Glen Gordon2000-04-12The long awaited athematic answer to the athematic question... Oy v
2095Glen Gordon2000-04-12Re: [cybalist] Re: IE athematics
2096Mark DeFillo2000-04-12Re: [cybalist] The Rig-Veda: What it entails.
2097Piotr Gasiorowski2000-04-12Re: [cybalist] The Rig-Veda: What it entails.
2098Dennis Poulter2000-04-12Re: [cybalist] Adjective First
2099Manuel Rosario2000-04-12Re: [cybalist] Adjective First
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