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24002000-05-09 13:41:23.SV: [cybalist] Re: Hamp and his dog
24012000-05-09 15:23:41Piotr GasiRe: [cybalist] Re: Hamp and his dog
24022000-05-09 16:30:28Piotr GasiRe: [cybalist] The Tin Islands.
24032000-05-09 23:18:43Jeffrey S.Re: Even more about dogs
24042000-05-10 00:31:02Piotr GasiRe: [cybalist] Re: Even more about dogs
24052000-05-10 07:26:55Piotr GasiRe: [cybalist] Hamp and his dog, an IE shepherd
24062000-05-10 07:26:56Guillaume paradigms
24072000-05-10 07:26:57Piotr GasiRe: [cybalist] Hamp and his dog, an IE shepherd
24082000-05-10 07:26:57Sergejus TRe: [cybalist] Hamp and his dog, an IE shepherd: a self-correction
24092000-05-11 05:09:28Piotr GasiRe: [cybalist] paradigms
24102000-05-11 05:09:29Manuel Ros*k'won>svan- *ek'wo->asva-
24112000-05-11 10:29:56John CroftRe: [cybalist] Digest Number 32
24122000-05-11 10:30:53John CroftRe: The Tin Islands.
24132000-05-12 05:57:47Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Re: The Tin Islands.
24142000-05-13 05:05:12Marc VerhaHebrew and Arabic
24152000-05-13 05:05:13Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Re: The Tin Islands.
24162000-05-13 08:46:51Mark OdegaRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24172000-05-15 05:38:03Mark OdegaRe: [TIED] Re: [cybalist] paradigms
24182000-05-15 05:38:04Gerry Rein[cybalist] The Tin Islands
24192000-05-15 05:38:05Marc VerhaRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24202000-05-16 06:16:44Mark OdegaRe: [TIED] [cybalist] The Tin Islands
24212000-05-16 06:16:45John CroftRe: [TIED] Re: The Tin Islands.
24222000-05-16 06:16:46John CroftRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24232000-05-16 13:38:46Piotr GasiThe Tin Islands and written history
24242000-05-17 05:54:18Håkan LinTin Islands and tin heads
24252000-05-17 05:54:25John CroftRe: The Tin Islands and written history
24262000-05-17 06:43:11Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Re: The Tin Islands and written history
24272000-05-17 07:00:53Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Tin Islands and tin heads
24282000-05-17 08:39:39John CroftLinguistics, Archaeology and the Pot
24292000-05-17 08:50:08Simona KleWorm in the Roma language
24302000-05-17 14:01:09Marc VerhaRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24312000-05-17 15:02:44Dennis PouRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24322000-05-17 15:02:55Dennis PouRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24332000-05-17 16:23:28Gerry Reinfrom /m/ to /t/
24342000-05-17 17:06:07Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] from /m/ to /t/
24352000-05-17 18:30:54Gerry Reinemail address
24362000-05-17 20:52:30Yves Deroualphèstès
24372000-05-17 22:22:19Marc VerhaRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24382000-05-17 22:57:23Gerry Rein[TIED] Hebrew and Aramaic
24392000-05-18 00:11:45Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] alphèstès
24402000-05-18 00:15:52Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] alphèstès
24412000-05-18 02:58:31Steve WoodRe: [TIED] Tin Islands and tin heads
24422000-05-18 08:31:06John CroftRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24432000-05-18 10:33:16Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24442000-05-18 10:46:55John CroftRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Aramaic
24452000-05-18 11:05:07John CroftRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24462000-05-18 11:39:09Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Linguistics, Archaeology and the Pot
24472000-05-18 11:48:00Glen GordoRe: [cybalist] Hamp and his dog, an IE shepherd
24482000-05-18 12:05:59Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Re: [cybalist] Hamp and his dog, an IE shepherd
24492000-05-18 12:44:36Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24502000-05-18 12:49:29Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Re: [cybalist] Hamp and his dog, an IE shepherd
24512000-05-18 13:02:47Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Re: [cybalist] Hamp and his dog, an IE shepherd
24522000-05-18 13:28:22Glen GordoAccentuate the positive...
24532000-05-19 00:05:08Marc VerhaRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24542000-05-19 07:17:05John CroftRe: [TIED] Linguistics, Archaeology and the Pot
24552000-05-19 08:05:53John CroftRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24562000-05-19 08:14:30John CroftRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24572000-05-19 10:15:23Dennis PouRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24582000-05-19 10:15:27Dennis PouRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24592000-05-19 10:15:31Dennis PouRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Aramaic
24602000-05-19 10:33:58Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] E-lim-mi-nate the negative...
24612000-05-19 11:34:21John CroftAsianic Languages, Mediterranean Languages and "Japethic"
24622000-05-19 11:42:56John CroftUralic-Etruscan links?
24632000-05-19 11:58:18Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Uralic-Etruscan links?
24642000-05-19 19:06:15atombombRe: [TIED] Digest Number 46
24652000-05-19 22:01:48Marc VerhaRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24662000-05-19 23:55:04M GRe: [TIED] Worm in the Roma language
24672000-05-20 08:17:28lewisamos_Can anyone help me?
24682000-05-20 12:16:48John CroftRe: [TIED] Worm in the Roma language
24692000-05-20 13:44:15Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Raggle-taggle Gypsies
24702000-05-20 18:33:00Mark OdegaRe: [TIED] Raggle-taggle Gypsies
24712000-05-20 19:49:24Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Raggle-taggle Gypsies
24722000-05-21 01:42:55Dennis PouRe: [TIED] Digest Number 46
24732000-05-21 02:52:48Gerry ReinRe: [TIED] Can anyone help me?
24742000-05-21 21:52:40Mark OdegaBeeke's PIE Consonants.
24752000-05-21 21:57:17Mark OdegaBeeke's PIE Consonants.
24762000-05-22 01:13:38Mark OdegaBeekes' PIE Consonants & Glottalized Consonants.
24772000-05-22 07:48:14John CroftRe: [TIED] Dennis on Glen (was Hebrew and Arabic)
24782000-05-22 09:08:28Dennis PouRe: [TIED] Asianic Languages, Mediterranean Languages and "Japethic"
24792000-05-22 09:40:16John CroftRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24802000-05-22 15:08:12John CroftRe: [TIED] Digest Number 46
24812000-05-22 16:07:43John CroftIndoEuropean Neighbours
24822000-05-22 17:56:11Gerry ReinRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24832000-05-22 18:07:47Gerry ReinRe: [TIED] IndoEuropean Neighbours
24842000-05-22 19:25:27Mark OdegaRe: [TIED] IndoEuropean Neighbours
24852000-05-22 19:41:56Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] IndoEuropean Neighbours
24862000-05-22 19:42:03Gerry ReinRe: [TIED] IndoEuropean Neighbours
24872000-05-22 23:18:44Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Beekes' PIE Consonants & Glottalized Consonants.
24882000-05-23 06:34:58Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Asianic Languages, Mediterranean Languages and "Japethic"
24892000-05-23 06:45:16Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Uralic-Etruscan links?
24902000-05-23 06:57:03S. KalyanaRe: [TIED] Worm in the Roma language
24912000-05-23 06:58:10Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Uralic-Etruscan links?
24922000-05-23 07:13:48Glen GordoRe: [TIED] from /m/ to /t/
24932000-05-23 07:58:21Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Hebrew and Arabic
24942000-05-23 08:42:35Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] from /m/ to /t/
24952000-05-23 08:55:13Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] Uralic-Etruscan links?
24962000-05-23 09:59:50Glen GordoRe: [TIED] E-lim-mi-nate the negative...
24972000-05-23 10:12:44Glen GordoRe: [TIED] E-lim-mi-nate the negative...
24982000-05-23 10:29:18Piotr GasiRe: [TIED] E-lim-mi-nate the negative...
24992000-05-23 12:03:08Glen GordoRe: [TIED] Linguistics, Archaeology and the Pot
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