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41100A.2005-10-07Germanic Tuesday.... Was Some more Germanic and Frisian terms
41101Rob2005-10-07Path [was: Re: Gypsies again]
41102Rob2005-10-07[tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41103Rob2005-10-07Re: PIE Ablaut
41104etherman232005-10-07[tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41105Patrick Ryan2005-10-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41106Patrick Ryan2005-10-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41107Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-07Re: 3rd Slavic palatalization
41108Patrick Ryan2005-10-07Re: Re[4]: [tied] Re: *kap-
41109Andrew Jarrette2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41110Rob2005-10-07Path [was: Re: Gypsies again]
41111Rob2005-10-07[tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41112glen gordon2005-10-07Re: [tied] Anatolian [was: PIE Ablaut [was] Re: Gypsies again]
41113glen gordon2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41114glen gordon2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41115Patrick Ryan2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41116glen gordon2005-10-07Re: Etruscan and IE (was Re: [tied] Re: Names of a few Celtic Deiti
41117Patrick Ryan2005-10-07Re: [tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41118prallan20002005-10-07A swedish fiord
41119glen gordon2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41120Patrick Ryan2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41121Edgard Bikelis2005-10-07*es- or *h1es- ?
41122david_russell_watson2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41123david_russell_watson2005-10-07Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41124Patrick Ryan2005-10-08Re: Etruscan and IE (was Re: [tied] Re: Names of a few Celtic Deiti
41125Patrick Ryan2005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41126Patrick Ryan2005-10-08Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41127C. Darwin Goranson2005-10-08Poseidon - meaning
41128Brian M. Scott2005-10-08Re: [tied] Re: 3rd Slavic palatalization
41129Brian M. Scott2005-10-08Re: [tied] A swedish fiord
41130Brian M. Scott2005-10-08Re[4]: Logic Fundamentals (was: Re: Re[2]: [tied] PIE word for "peo
41131Joao S. Lopes2005-10-08-tania suffix
41132Joao S. Lopes2005-10-08Re: [tied] Poseidon - meaning
41133Brian M. Scott2005-10-08Re: [tied] -tania suffix
41134Joao S. Lopes2005-10-08Re: [tied] -tania suffix
41135etherman232005-10-08[tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41136etherman232005-10-08[tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41137etherman232005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41138P&G2005-10-08Re: [tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41139P&G2005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41140tgpedersen2005-10-08[tied] Path [was: Re: Gypsies again]
41141Dagfinn H2005-10-08Re: [tied] A swedish fiord
41142Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2005-10-08Re: PIE Ablaut
41143ehlsmith2005-10-08Re: Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41144Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2005-10-08[tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41145prallan20002005-10-08Re: [tied] A swedish fiord
41146Richard Wordingham2005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41147A.2005-10-08Re: Germanic Tuesday.... Was Some more Germanic and Frisian terms
41148A.2005-10-08Celtic terms from *dyeus-
41149Patrick Ryan2005-10-08Re: [tied] Re: Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41150etherman232005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41151etherman232005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41152squilluncus2005-10-08Re: A swedish fiord
41153david_russell_watson2005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41154Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-08Re: [tied] Re: 3rd Slavic palatalization
41155david_russell_watson2005-10-08Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41156Brian M. Scott2005-10-08Re[2]: [tied] Re: 3rd Slavic palatalization
41157Richard Wordingham2005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41158aquila_grande2005-10-08Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41159Andrew Jarrette2005-10-08Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41160Andrew Jarrette2005-10-08Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41161Richard Wordingham2005-10-08Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41162Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41163Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41164david_russell_watson2005-10-09Re: Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41165Abdullah Konushevci2005-10-09*H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41166david_russell_watson2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41167david_russell_watson2005-10-09Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41168etherman232005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41169Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41170Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41171david_russell_watson2005-10-09Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41172Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41173david_russell_watson2005-10-09Off Topic - Wikipedia (was Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again
41174Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41175P&G2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41176P&G2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41177Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41178fortuna111112005-10-09Re: [tied] question on German grammar
41179tgpedersen2005-10-09Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41180Richard Wordingham2005-10-09Re: *es- or *h1es- ?
41181Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2005-10-09Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41182Brian M. Scott2005-10-09Re[2]: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41183Brian M. Scott2005-10-09Re[2]: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41184Abdullah Konushevci2005-10-09Re: [tied] Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41185Grzegorz Jagodzinski2005-10-09Re: Re[2]: [tied] Re: 3rd Slavic palatalization
41186Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41187Jens Elmegård Rasmussen2005-10-09Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41188Miguel Carrasquer2005-10-09Re: [tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41189P&G2005-10-09Re: [tied] Re: PIE Ablaut
41190Abdullah Konushevci2005-10-09Re: *H2kous- ‘to hear, feel’
41191etherman232005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41192etherman232005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41193Patrick Ryan2005-10-09Re: [tied] *es- or *h1es- ?
41194squilluncus2005-10-09Re: Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41195tolgs0012005-10-10Re: question on German grammar
41196Andrew Jarrette2005-10-10Re: [tied] Re: Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41197Andrew Jarrette2005-10-10Re: [tied] Pronunciation of "r" - again?
41198Dagfinn H2005-10-10Re: [tied] A swedish fiord
41199Brian M. Scott2005-10-10Re[2]: [tied] Re: Pronunciation of "r" - again?
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