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1700Marco Cimarosti2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1701John Cowan2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1702Peter T. Daniels2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1703John Cowan2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1704John Cowan2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1705Michael Everson2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1706Michael Everson2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1707Marco Cimarosti2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1708Nicholas Bodley2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1709Nicholas Bodley2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1710Nicholas Bodley2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1711Michael Everson2003-09-15Re: scripts page
1712Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1713Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1714Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1715Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Sci Am Re: scripts page
1716Phillip Driscoll2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1717Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1718Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1719Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1720Marco Cimarosti2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1721Marco Cimarosti2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1722Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1723Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1724Roozbeh Pournader2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1725John Cowan2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1726Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1727Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1728Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1729Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1730Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1731Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1732Peter T. Daniels2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1733Michael Everson2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1734Peter_Constable@...2003-09-16Re: scripts page
1735Marco Cimarosti2003-09-16Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1736Phillip Driscoll2003-09-17Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1737Earl Herrick2003-09-17"alphabet" and "script"
1738Nicholas Bodley2003-09-17Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1739Nicholas Bodley2003-09-17Re: Sci Am Re: scripts page
1740Nicholas Bodley2003-09-1716-by-16 array in Tamil?
1741Tex Texin2003-09-17Example now has more plane 1 scripts
1742timpart@...2003-09-19Re: scripts page
1743Marco Cimarosti2003-09-2550th birthday of Linear B
1744Michael Everson2003-09-25About that alphabetician...
1745Michael Everson2003-09-25Re: 50th birthday of Linear B
1746Michael Everson2003-09-25Re: 50th birthday of Linear B
1747Marco Cimarosti2003-09-25Re: 50th birthday of Linear B
1748Nicholas Bodley2003-09-25Re: About that alphabetician...
1749Michael Everson2003-09-25Re: About that alphabetician...
1750Randall Hunt2003-09-26Introductions
1751webmaster@...2003-09-26Re: Introductions
1752Michael Everson2003-09-27Re: Introductions
1753Peter T. Daniels2003-09-27Re: Introductions
1754Randall Hunt2003-09-27Thank you
1755Doug Ewell2003-09-28Re: Thank you
1756Randall Hunt2003-09-28Re: Thank you
1757Don Osborn2003-10-02Tifinagh
1758Gabriella F. Scelta2003-10-03Re: Tifinagh
1759Don Osborn2003-10-03Re: Tifinagh
1760dzo@...2003-10-03Article on cuneiform encoding
1761jglavy2003-10-05Balinese & Javanese Fonts and Keyman Keyboards available
1762Don Osborn2003-10-09Re: Tifinagh
1763Peter T. Daniels2003-10-13Randall Hunt
1764Peter T. Daniels2003-10-13Randall Hunt should get a new provider
1765Nicholas Bodley2003-10-17Re: Article on cuneiform encoding
1766Nicholas Bodley2003-10-17FLAAR (Was: Re: Article on cuneiform encoding)
1767Nicholas Bodley2003-10-20The wondersof the modern Web
1768Nicholas Bodley2003-11-04Codex Seraphinianus
1769Doug Ewell2003-11-04Re: Codex Seraphinianus
1770Marco Cimarosti2003-11-04Re: Codex Seraphinianus
1771Nicholas Bodley2003-11-04Re: Codex Seraphinianus
1772John Cowan2003-11-04Re: Codex Seraphinianus
1773Peter T. Daniels2003-11-04Re: Codex Seraphinianus
1774Doug Ewell2003-11-05[OT] Voiced velar fricative
1775Michael Everson2003-11-05Re: [OT] Voiced velar fricative
1776Peter T. Daniels2003-11-05Re: [OT] Voiced velar fricative
1777Michael Everson2003-11-05Re: [OT] Voiced velar fricative
1778BOUALEM Malek FTRD/DMI/LAN2003-11-06CFP- Arabic Language Processing (text and speech)
1779Doug Ewell2003-11-12Ewellic
1780Michael Everson2003-11-18That alphabetician on radio....
1781Nicholas Bodley2003-11-19Re: That alphabetician on radio....
1782Peter T. Daniels2003-11-19Re: That alphabetician on radio....
1783Michael Everson2003-11-19Re: That alphabetician on radio....
1784Michael Everson2003-11-19That alphabetician on radio....
1785Michael Everson2003-11-20That alphabetician on radio....
1786Doug Ewell2003-11-21Re: Alphabetician to the world
1787John Cowan2003-11-25Pronunciations
1788Marco Cimarosti2003-11-25Re: Pronunciations
1789Peter T. Daniels2003-11-25Re: Pronunciations
1790John Cowan2003-11-25Re: Pronunciations
1791Marco Cimarosti2003-11-25Re: Pronunciations
1792Nicholas Bodley2003-11-26Re: Pronunciations
1793Peter T. Daniels2003-11-27new version of Ifrah
1794Michael Everson2003-11-29Re: new version of Ifrah
1795Peter Constable2003-12-02Re: Pronunciations
1796Nicholas Bodley2003-12-03IPA Help (symbol and sound)(Was: Re: Pronunciations)
1797cowan@...2003-12-04Featural script
1798Nicholas Bodley2003-12-04Re: Featural script
1799Marco Cimarosti2003-12-05Re: Featural script
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