1Gerry2002-12-04Welcome to Nostratica
2Gerry2002-12-04Fwd: Re: A new Nostratic list? Hey Piotr
3Richard Wordingham2002-12-04Austric Gleanings
4Gerry2002-12-04Re: Austric Gleanings
5Richard Wordingham2002-12-05Re: Austric Gleanings
6Gerry2002-12-05Re: Austric Gleanings
7Richard Wordingham2002-12-05Re: Austric Gleanings
8Gerry2002-12-05Re: Austric Gleanings
9Richard Wordingham2002-12-05Re: Austric Gleanings
10Gerry2002-12-06Re: Austric Gleanings
11Gerry2002-12-06(no subject)
12Gerry2002-12-06Nostratic Super Family
13José Andrés Alonso2002-12-07(no subject)
14Miguel Carrasquer2002-12-07Re: (unknown)
15Gerry 2002-12-07Question
16Gerry 2002-12-07email address displayed along with name
17Gerry 2002-12-07Re: (unknown)
18Miguel Carrasquer2002-12-07Re: (unknown)
19Rob H2002-12-07Kartvelian
20Gerry Reinhart-Waller2002-12-08Re: (unknown)
21Gerry Reinhart-Waller2002-12-08Re: (unknown)
22Miguel Carrasquer2002-12-08Re: (unknown)
23Miguel Carrasquer2002-12-08Re: (unknown)
24Gerry 2002-12-08Re: (unknown)
25Gerry 2002-12-08Resolution
26Gerry 2002-12-08Changed settings
27Gerry 2002-12-08John & Alexander
28John 2002-12-08Re: Elamo-Dravidian and Nilo-Saharan
29John 2002-12-08The Scythian Germanic / Celtic ancestry
30John 2002-12-08Re: hi and nostratic demic diffusion
31Gerry 2002-12-08Re: Elamo-Dravidian and Nilo-Saharan
32Alexander Stolbov2002-12-08Re: John & Alexander
33Gerry 2002-12-08Re: John & Alexander
34Gerry 2002-12-08Fwd: Re: [nostratic] Re: hi and nostratic demic diffusion
35John 2002-12-09Language origin, Genomic theory and Human Migrations
36John 2002-12-09Re: Austric Gleanings
37Gerry 2002-12-09Fwd: A language gene or FOXP2
38Gerry 2002-12-09Re: Austric Gleanings
39Richard Wordingham 2002-12-10Re: Austric Gleanings
40Richard Wordingham 2002-12-10Archive Settings
41Piotr Gasiorowski2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
42tgpedersen 2002-12-10Re: Austric Gleanings
43John 2002-12-10Fwd: Re: [nostratic] Re: hi and nostratic demic diffusion
44John 2002-12-10Re: Austric Gleanings
45Gerry 2002-12-10Re: Austric Gleanings
46Gerry 2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
47Gerry 2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
48Alexander Stolbov2002-12-10Ghassulian culture
49Gerry 2002-12-10Re: Austric Gleanings
50Rob H2002-12-10Kartvelian languages
51Richard Wordingham 2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
52Piotr Gasiorowski2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
53Gerry 2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
54Gerry 2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
55Richard Wordingham 2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
56Gerry 2002-12-10Re: Archive Settings
57John 2002-12-11Re: Ghassulian culture
58José Andrés Alonso2002-12-11(no subject)
59Gerry2002-12-11Re: (unknown)
60Richard Wordingham 2002-12-11Re: Archive Settings
61Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-11Re: Archive Settings
62Alexander Stolbov2002-12-12Re: Ghassulian culture
63Ainintz Loinaz Sagastibeltza 2002-12-12(no subject)
64Gerry 2002-12-12(no subject)
65John 2002-12-13Re: Ghassulian culture
66anthonyappleyard 2002-12-13Ancient Atlantic crossings
67matt6219 2002-12-13Re: The Scythian Germanic / Celtic ancestry
68Alexander Stolbov2002-12-14Re: Ghassulian culture
69John 2002-12-15Re: The Scythian Germanic / Celtic ancestry
70John 2002-12-15Re: Ghassulian culture
71tgpedersen 2002-12-17Re: Ghassulian culture
72Alexander Stolbov2002-12-17Re: Ghassulian culture
73tgpedersen 2002-12-18Re: Ghassulian culture
74John 2002-12-18Re: Kartvelian languages
75Rob H2002-12-18Re: Kartvelian languages
76Gerry2002-12-24Fw: The Palette of Humankind
77Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-24Fw: Christmas things
78John 2002-12-27Identifying Proto Afroasiatics - locating cultures of Nostratic.
79Gerry2002-12-27Re: Fw: Christmas things
80Andy Howey2002-12-27Re: Fw: Christmas things
81Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-27Re: Fw: Christmas things
82Gerry2002-12-27Re: Identifying Proto Afroasiatics - locating cultures of Nostratic.
83Andy Howey2002-12-27Re: Fw: Christmas things
84Geraldine Reinhardt2002-12-27Re: Nostratic Urheimat; Fw: Christmas things
85tgpedersen 2002-12-28Re: Fw: Christmas things
86Gerry 2002-12-28Re: Fw: Christmas things
87John 2002-12-29Re: Fw: Christmas things
88jeffco2002-12-29Re: Fw: Christmas things
89Richard Wordingham 2003-01-06Austronesian as Sino-Dene
90tgpedersen 2003-01-09(no subject)
91tgpedersen 2003-01-09More *k-r- turning
92tgpedersen 2003-01-09Re: More *k-r- turning
93tgpedersen 2003-01-09Re: Fw: Christmas things
94Gerry 2003-01-09Moderators
95tgpedersen 2003-01-11Re: More *k-r- turning
96John 2003-01-12Re: More *k-r- turning
97tgpedersen 2003-01-13Re: More *k-r- turning
98tgpedersen 2003-01-13Snow and ice
99Richard Wordingham 2003-01-13Re: More *k-r- turning
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