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300Deep Stream2000-12-08Gender Re: [norse_course] Re: "Vit tvau"
301Kurt Oertel2000-12-08Re: Gender Re: [norse_course] Re: "Vit tvau"
302Deep Stream2000-12-08Re: Inconsistancies in lesson two
303Kurt Oertel2000-12-08Re: Typo
304Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08Re: About grammatic gender
305Deep Stream2000-12-08Re: Gender Re: [norse_course] Re: "Vit tvau"
306Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08Re: Gender
307Deep Stream2000-12-08Re: Gender
308Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08Re: Gender
309Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08Re: Gender
310Deep Stream2000-12-08Re: Gender
311Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08Lesson two - update
312Kurt Oertel2000-12-08Re: About grammatic gender
313Kurt Oertel2000-12-08Re: Lesson two - update
314Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08Re: About grammatic gender
315norse_course@egroups.com2000-12-08New poll for norse_course
316CDavis2000-12-08Re: Lesson two - update
317Kurt Oertel2000-12-08Re: About grammatic gender
319Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08New (very useful!) verb.
320Tim Hansen2000-12-08Re: Lesson two - update
321Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-08Lesson two - please read.
322norse_course@egroups.com2000-12-08Poll results for norse_course
323haukurth@...2000-12-08Correction to lesson 2
324haukurth@...2000-12-08Let\'s jump to conclusions here.
325birgit001@...2000-12-09Re: New poll for norse_course
326Lynda Maynard2000-12-09Re: New (very useful!) verb.
327CDavis2000-12-09Re: New (very useful!) verb.
328Lynda Maynard2000-12-09Re: Lesson two - update
329Shoshana and Rex Jemison2000-12-09pronunciation help
330birgit001@...2000-12-09Re: pronunciation help
331norse_course@egroups.com2000-12-09Reminder - Voice Chat (Europe)
332norse_course@egroups.com2000-12-09Reminder - Voice Chat (America)
333Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-09Re: pronunciation help
334haukurth@...2000-12-09Re: pronunciation help
335haukurth@...2000-12-09Norse Toons?
336falconsword@...2000-12-09Three more corrections
337birgit001@...2000-12-09Re: Reminder - Voice Chat (Europe)
338haukurth@...2000-12-09!! Re:[norse_course] Voice Chat (Europe)
339birgit001@...2000-12-09Re: !! Re:[norse_course] Voice Chat (Europe)
340E-Ching Ng2000-12-09Re: !! Re:[norse_course] Voice Chat (Europe)
341Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-09!! Re:[norse_course] Voice Chat (Europe)
342Twm Ffresiar2000-12-09Re: Norse Toons?
343Tim Hansen2000-12-09So when is the next chat gonna be?
344birgit001@...2000-12-10Re: So when is the next chat gonna be?
346Kurt Oertel2000-12-11Re: Norse Toons?
347Christian Bartel2000-12-11Re: Gender Re: [norse_course] Re: "Vit tvau"
350Kurt Oertel2000-12-11Re: Gender Re: [norse_course] Re: "Vit tvau"
351Ray Bell2000-12-11Is it too late to join this group?
352Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-11Re: Is it too late to join this group?
353birgit001@...2000-12-12Re: Gender Re: [norse_course] Re: "Vit tvau"
354birgit001@...2000-12-12Re: Gender Re: [norse_course] Re: "Vit tvau"
355Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-12More Toons :þ
356mdehners@...2000-12-12Re: Is it too late to join this group?
357Ray Bell2000-12-12Re: Is it too late to join this group?
358Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-13Modern Pronunciation?
359Arlie Stephens2000-12-13Re: [norse_course] More Toons :þ
360Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-13* EXERCISES * (please read)
361Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-13problem with the .txt
362DOUGLAS KOLLER2000-12-14Re: [norse_course] More Toons :þ
363Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-14Re: More Toons :þ
364Haukur Thorgeirsson2000-12-14Information
365haukurth@...2000-12-15More errors in lesson 2
366Lynda Maynard2000-12-16RE: [norse_course] Re: More Toons :þ
367Susan Granquist2000-12-17Umlauts
368Susan Granquist2000-12-17Re: lesson 1
369Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-18Re: Umlauts
370Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-18* LESSON 2 DEBRIEFING *
371CDavis2000-12-18Re: * LESSON 2 DEBRIEFING *
372CDavis2000-12-18Re: * LESSON 2 DEBRIEFING *
373Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-18Day's report
374William P. Reaves2000-12-18Re: Digest Number 40
375haukurth@...2000-12-18The Sybil and the Pebble
376birgit001@...2000-12-19Re: Digest Number 40
377norse_course@egroups.com2000-12-19New poll for norse_course
378ingwibergo@...2000-12-19Heil Forms Re: [norse_course] Re: Lesson 1, supplementary: "Heilsa!"
379Julia Jones2000-12-19Ormr the Worm?
380Julia Jones2000-12-19Biggest Headache so Far
381Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-19ON names
382Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-19Re: Biggest Headache so Far
384Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-20Lesson 3
385norse_course@egroups.com2000-12-20New file uploaded to norse_course
386Lynda Maynard2000-12-21Re: Biggest Headache so Far
387Arlie Stephens2000-12-21Re: Biggest Headache so Far
388Deep Stream2000-12-21Re: Lesson 3 - AND another question on gender
389Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-21Our (chauvinist?) Gender Policy (so far)
390Deep Stream2000-12-21Conjunctions in V2 Re: [norse_course] * LESSON 2 DEBRIEFING *
391DOUGLAS KOLLER2000-12-21Re: Conjunctions in V2 Re: [norse_course] * LESSON 2 DEBRIEFING *
392Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-21Conjunctions in V2 Re: [norse_course] * LESSON 2 DEBRIEFING *
393Deep Stream2000-12-22Re: Conjunctions in V2 Re: [norse_course] * LESSON 2 DEBRIEFING *
396Óskar Guðlaugsson2000-12-23The four elements of grammar Re: Umlauts
397haukurth@...2000-12-23Lesson 3 - update
398Deep Stream2000-12-23Re: Our (chauvinist?) Gender Policy (so far)
399Deep Stream2000-12-23Re: Lessons on the Web
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