Re: Piotr and the Dacians :-)

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15230
Date: 2002-09-06

>[Moeller] it happens I traveled in Hungary many times. Not just
>in Budapest, but crossing the country with the trucks. And I
>have had no chance to see "asiatic" or "turcic" features in
>their faces. So I tought that maybe a percentage of 1:10.000
>is correct. But maybe I am wrong and there are less as I
>said :-)))

I won't comment on the scientific approach in your empirism, :)
I only add that the genuine Magyar tribes were no
Turks or Mongolians, but Ugrians (from North-East Russia,
a region that is called today the autonomous republic of Komi).

There were Turkic tribes too, allied with them, and actually ruling
over them (of Onogur and Khazar kind). But there were also
some Alanic (Yazyg) tribes with them, along with many Slavs
(esp. Ukrainians) brought from Ukraine. In the new lands they
encountered numerous Slavs. Later on, in the 13th century, many
thousands of Cumans were colonized in what's today's South-East
Hungary. And in the 12th-13th centuries were intensified the
colonizations of German settlers esp. in Slovakia and Transylvania.
(After 1700, the German colonization, under the Austrians, reached
a a peak: in Southern Hungary (called in German "die schwäbische
Türkei"), in Pannonia proper (between the Danube and Austria)
and in Banat and Northern Serbia. So much so, that the old capital,
Buda (the higher half of Budapest) turned to a Suebian (German)
city: Ofen.

But towards the end of the 19th century and in the 1st half of
the 20th century, most of the Germans in Hungary proper were
magyarized, as well as many Suebians in Banat and the Szathmárnémeti
(Satu Mare) area.

(But don't you think that Hungarians more than 1000 years
ago looked like Chinese. :)

>[Moeller] do you refer to all romanians? I was refering just
>to romanians beeing under the rule of hungar Empire.

I was referring to the Romanians living in Transylvania and
Banat, provinces that belonged to the Hungarian kingdom.

>[Moeller] Sometimes I guess we speak hungarian here :-)))))

Really? I thought it was Chinese (and "böhmische Dörfer" and
"Bahnhof" ;).