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Date: 2002-09-06

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Aha, so you admit that Hungarians assimilated Oláhs
too. Aaawright!

[Moeller] aham. But dont be so happy. I said that this is not
immportant for ansamble. Oyu have after 1000 years a big
majority of romanian speakers. So maybe in 1000 years you
should have had a minority and in 2000 years nothing of

>from the ancient Magyars there you will do -nt find the genes
>of them in 10.000 people.

Who told you this?

[Moeller]it happens I traveled in Hungary many times. Not just
in Budapest, but crossing the country with the trucks. And I
have had no chance to see "asiatic" or "turcic" features in
their faces. So I tought that maybe a percentage of 1:10.000
is correct. But maybe I am wrong and there are less as I

>So I dont speak about this protion . I speak about the
>phenomen in its whole. The folk did not became magyarized.

That what you'd like to convey should read: "The Hungarians
didn't manage to magyarize the *entire* Romanian population".
Which is a fact.

[Moeller] do you refer to all romanians? I was refering just
to romanians beeing under the rule of hungar Empire.

You better start learning a bit more of the history of our
nation before producing such "explanations".

[Moeller] OK. I will just lissen to you from now on.

You don't get it. That's why you go on insisting on that KW >
as though the whole status of the Romanian language depended
on this transformation. It's ludicrous (but you don't get this


[Moeller] yes. in your mind maybe. We dont talk about kW>p in
romanian. That is obviously in romanian. We talk about kW>p(b)
in thracian..
Sometimes I guess we speak hungarian here:-)))))