Piotr, your c and x

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Message: 15219
Date: 2002-09-06

as I learned from Miguell and Piotr a c>h is not possible and
it seems very hard beacause of the absolutely incompatibility
of the speaking gear ( mouth, tongue & co) .I understood
that( so I tought) and I was almost to forget this supposition
I read now that the old City of Carsium in Romania is the
actualy Hârshova.
I look there , I dont belive, I look again, I read the
explanation and there says as fallow:

" In the same region of Scythia Minor, the city of Carsium was
spelled as Cars, as it is often mentioned in the sources and
as it represents the basis for the Slavized modern form of
Hârsova. Therefore, the ancient city's name could be in use
the inhabitants' spelling under the form of Salama or
something, fact that would explain the toponym transmitted as
Salma in the Greek text." ( the text is too corect , is not my
creation, I just did a paste here:-))

And now I remember again of these colhi. If Carsium could
became Harsova in slav, why could not colchi became Xolhi ?
And the phenomen is not singular. We have atested the carpi
under the names as "arpi" and " harpi". What is going on there
with these names?
I sthis indeed the non IE link of transformation where slavs
got the name of the valachians trough cuman or petchebgs which
come in a similar form as oloh in ungarian? That sound more
interesting as I tought first....