Re: Piotr, your c and x

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15225
Date: 2002-09-06

>"In the same region of Scythia Minor, the city of Carsium was
>spelled as Cars, as it is often mentioned in the sources and
>as it represents the basis for the Slavized modern form of
>Hârsova. Therefore, the ancient city's name could be in use
>the inhabitants' spelling under the form of Salama or
>something, fact that would explain the toponym transmitted as
>Salma in the Greek text." (the text is too corect , is not my
>creation, I just did a paste here :-))

The author won't sue you if you mention his name and

>And now I remember again of these colhi. If Carsium could
>became Harsova in slav, why could not colchi became Xolhi?

And if... what if? What would you do with Xolhi to get Volhi?

>I sthis indeed the non IE link of transformation where slavs
>got the name of the valachians trough cuman or petchebgs which

Hardly - if at all: the Old Turkic variant of V(a)lach was Ulaq/Ulak.
The more recent, the Ottoman one, Iflak (this one shows us Turks
must have been influenced by "Vlach).

>come in a similar form as oloh in ungarian?

"oláh" /o-laaa:h, where "h" is barely heard/! (Almost identical
with Span. "hola!" & French "o-la-la". :)