Re: Piotr and the Dacians :-)

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15215
Date: 2002-09-06

>[Moeller] George, please do not put the nobles here. They have
>had a big reason to became magyars. I speak about folk.

So do I. On top of that, I talk of... my region, the history
of... my region. So, I know -- at least now and then -- what
*I* am talkin' about. ;-)

>And I know that in hungarian folk today are just slavs, germans,
>olahs and what I dont know what for folks.

Aha, so you admit that Hungarians assimilated Oláhs (Romanians),
too. Aaawright!

>from the ancient Magyars there you will do -nt find the genes
>of them in 10.000 people.

Who told you this?

>So I dont speak about this protion . I speak about the
>phenomen in its whole. The folk did not became magyarized.

That what you'd like to convey should read: "The Hungarians
didn't manage to magyarize the *entire* Romanian population".
Which is a fact.

>That is the first conclusion everyone seen in the 17-18-19

That's quite bad, namely to underline the situation of these
situation, since Hungarian historiographers tend to point out
that the Romanian population got numerous only beginning
with the 17th-18th centuries due to... immigration (while
the same authors ignore that an opposite phenomenon
occurred, and this one is attested in documents: an exodus
in waves).

>That a part did, some went, some got reach, some
>got sick, that are details for percentage which are not
>relevant for the whole ansamble.

You better start learning a bit more of the history of our
nation before producing such "explanations".

>Iif you do not fallow the thread I cannot help you. The map
>was for Piotr to look at it with his own eyes for forms with
>"apa" in thracian space..that first.

Piotr is well aware of the whole stuff, even without having
seen your map.

>The toponyms are not denied. But the discution was about
>kW > p(b) in thracian . Some things go too quick in the past,
>even if recent past:-)

You don't get it. That's why you go on insisting on that KW > P,B,
as though the whole status of the Romanian language depended
on this transformation. It's ludicrous (but you don't get this either).