Re: Piotr and the Dacians :-)

From: monica_hjelmslund
Message: 15236
Date: 2002-09-06

--- In cybalist@..., George S t a n a <gs001ns@...> wrote:
> >[Moeller] George, please do not put the nobles here. They have
> >had a big reason to became magyars. I speak about folk.
> So do I. On top of that, I talk of... my region, the history
> of... my region. So, I know -- at least now and then -- what
> *I* am talkin' about. ;-)

(MH) Well, at this point I must agree with George. There are similar
cases in my family 3 generations ago, and it's not aristocracy I'm
talking about, but peasents in Covasna county and Brasov (Bran area -
which is quite clean for hungarians)

Monica Hjelmslund