Re: [tied] The Beaver and Its Teeth (Origin?)

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2002-09-06

It can't be. Greek is one of the few branches where it doesn't exist. They, of all people, have a different word for 'beaver' :) And if anyone was really familiar with beavers and their habits, it was the people of northern Europe, where the beaver was (and still is) common, not the Greeks.
Plus, even if we stretch the imagination and assume thet the Greeks had the word a long time ago and then gave it away to other people, the non-Greek reflexes rule out a word with original *b, whether PIE or Greek. Latin has <fiber> (<biber> in post-Classical Latin is a loan from Germanic), and Sanskrit has <babHru->, not *<babru->, etc. There is really no escape from *bHebHru-.
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But the reflexes don't matter if the word is of Greek origin!