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128Freyja.jpg[cybalist] Odp: Cowpokes
144cowpokes.gif[cybalist] Saymaly-Tash petroglyphs
144chariots.gif[cybalist] Saymaly-Tash petroglyphs
144worship.gif[cybalist] Saymaly-Tash petroglyphs
144boxers.gif[cybalist] Saymaly-Tash petroglyphs
217AngLnOst.doc[cybalist] Prehistoric Ethnogenic Processes[cybalist] Re: Odo: Linear A
253LinA1.001[cybalist] Linear A Bitmaps
253LinA2.001[cybalist] Linear A Bitmaps
259banner.gif[cybalist] Re: Cowboys on Horseback (Germanic)[cybalist] Re: Prehistoric Ethnogenic Processes
280Stress_1.rtf[cybalist] Stress and accent in Indo-European
282Stress_2.rtf[cybalist] Stress and accent in IE (2)
286Stress_3.rtf[cybalist] PIE stress and accent (3)
311Cart.jpg[cybalist] Bronocice
311Karpaty.jpg[cybalist] Bronocice
324Stress_4.rtf[cybalist] PIE Stress and Accent (4)
340Cart.jpg[cybalist] Re: Bronocice (stamps)
362Stress_5.rtf[cybalist] PIE stress and accent (5)
556peacockbanner.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556vedicrivers_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556mitannicylinderseals_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556idrimiseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556ithiaseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556tishatalseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556zardamuseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556shuttarnaseal1_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556haematiteseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556nuziseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556ugaritseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556alalakhseal2_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556alalakhseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556nuziseal2_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556teshubseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556khorsabadseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556paiteshshupseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556niqmepaseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556bronzelionurkesh_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556mitannimap_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556shuttarnaseal_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
556centralasiabronzeagemap_small.jpg[cybalist] Re: Mitanni, Hurrians, etc.
1085Bronoc3.jpg[cybalist] Re: Odp: Bronocice
1146Image5.jpg[cybalist] Introduction to PIE Stress
1750Etruskisches Labyrinth .JPG[cybalist] Re: Macro-Pelasgia
1779Chertomlyk6.jpg[cybalist] Scythian Gold.
1858Chertomlyk6.jpg[cybalist] Re: Scythian Gold.
2308page1.JPGMay 01, 2000 11:39 PM
2540Phonet.zipSound files
2541Czech.rmczech fricative trill
2614afr18k.gif[TIED] Re: AfroAsiatic
2614afr8k.gif[TIED] Re: AfroAsiatic
2614afr5k.gif[TIED] Re: AfroAsiatic
4197Pony.jpgRe: Horses
4228equids.jpgRe: Horses
6160venalfa.gifRe: Ingvar and Ivar
6676carteocc.gifoc languages map precision
6676mapoc2.gifoc languages map precision
8121send.jpgRE: [tied], Re:, Urartu.
8522ShieldAnd.Spear.ZIP(no subject)
8653HLA_A1.jpgA few questions and gift for You!
8653IElanguage.jpgA few questions and gift for You!
8742amathus.bmpRe: [tied] EteoCypriot
9221Bronoc3.jpgRe: [tied] Got wheels?
9682horselot1.jpgRe: [tied] Re: Dravidian in Persia?
9958In Search of the Indo-Europeans, pg. 15.jpg Re: [tied] does any one know the source of the IE isoglos MAP descibed below
9958In Search of the Indo-Europeans, pg. 19.jpg Re: [tied] does any one know the source of the IE isoglos MAP descibed below
9958In Search of the Indo-Europeans, pg. 20.jpg Re: [tied] does any one know the source of the IE isoglos MAP descibed below
9958In Search of the Indo-Europeans, pg. 21.jpg Re: [tied] does any one know the source of the IE isoglos MAP descibed below
11598Bird.gifRe: [tied] Early Roman Iron Age Burials in Denmark II
11773Hlab27.jpgRe [tied] &
12279Indo-European Language and Society.gifRe: [tied] Re: Accepted cognates of Arya?
12392Rethymnon.jpgNon-Indo-European Vocabulary in Greek
127731.gifHappy Nou Ruz!
13167ShieldAnd.Spear.ZIPGetic fantasies
13562MesoArch.jpgA Simple View of Mesolithic East Europe
13582NostTree.jpgGenetic Tree for Language Matching
13602IETree95.jpgD. Ringe's IE Tree (1996)
13603ietree1998.jpgD. Ringe's IE Tree (1998)
13780this_is_me__pamela.jpgRe: [tied] Vedic Astronomy - Biblio
17304Fw.gif (7 homonymous attachments were not retrievable!)Fwd: It's that time of the year again!
18214romanian.scFW: Re: Latin viridian
18214latin.lexFW: Re: Latin viridian
20786Purple Pink.jpgFwd: (no subject)
21796Untitled01.jpgRoman Military Diploma
24490gif_chin(3).gifRe: [tied] Enclosed Places

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