D. Ringe's IE Tree (1998)

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Date: 2002-05-02

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This is the later IE tree that Ringe et al generated by computer using a
larger group of shared and unshared characteristics than in the earlier tree.

You can see this tree at http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~histling/

... along with other information including the following text:
"Ever wonder where Old English fell in the Indo-European tree? Our latest
results suggest that it falls somewhere within the Satem core! And, despite
a character set of 349 characters, we still can't definitively place
Albanian. We know it occurs "below" Tocharian B, and "above" the Satem core
(Lithuanian, Old Church Slavic, Vedic and Avestan). Nor can it appear within
the Greek-Armenian and Italo-Celtic sister groups. But beyond that ..."

There's more information on what characteristics were used and why in the
papers that can be downloaded on the website. How justifiable the choices
were is another matter.

Note that on this tree, Celtic (Old Irish) and Latin are on the same branch,
supporting the old view.