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caraculiambro26 May 2004

E-mail attachments from when they used to be archived with the e-mail text

riuchardwordingham1st August 2003
Ancient India

This folder will have resources to prove the antiquity of Indian history vis a vis the main stream thinking

kishore_future19 April 2008
ar-ur- Language

Kuhn's ar-/ur- Language

tgpedersen2 February 2009

Illustrations from Emmeline Plunket's 'Ancient Calendars and Constellations'

tgpedersen22 December 2010
Elementary linguistics

Lessons for layman on lingustics by Kishore patnaik

kishore_future3 April 2008
Fonts and Tools

Things that might come in handy on a linguistic list

caraculiambro10 May 2001

caraculiambro10 june 2003
Kuhn on NW Block

The most important articles by Kuhn on the Nordwestblock substrate

tgpedersen13 February 2009
Kuhn, Kossack and Hachmann

Maps from Kuhn, Kossack and Hachmann

tgpedersen6 April 2008
Kuhn maps

All maps of Zeugnis der Namen

tgpedersen25 August 2007

linguistic maps of Pakistan and Afghanistan (scanned from a newspaper)

anthonyappleyard21 September 2001

antiquities etc.

minny9410720 July 2008
Maps from Udolph

Maps from Udolph's 'Namenkundliche Studien zum Germanenproblem'

tgpedersen10 December 2007
Maps, The Origins of the British

Maps from The Origins of the British

tgpedersen31 July 2008

Vergleichendes indogermanisch-semitisches Wörterbuch

tgpedersen5 November 2009

Items of the royal Germanic grave of Mušov

tgpedersen12 Auɡust 2009
PIE Morphology

essays on PIE grammar (by Piotr Gąsiorowski)

caraculiambro14 May 2001
PIE roots

lists of PIE roots

petegray7 May 2001
PIE Tales

Texts written in reconstructed PIE

caraculiambro10 June 2003
Proto-Indo-European Decads

Scans from "Studies in the Indo-European system of numerals" (Szemerényi, Oswald John Louis)

seadog_driftwood5 July 2005

Welsch-Namen zwischen Weser und Rhein

tgpedersen21 June 2011

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Laurits Tuxen 1902

tgpedersen18 March 2012
(under review)

*Nartae* -- V. I. Abaev, Istoriko-etymologicheskij slovar' osetinskogo jazyka, pages 158-160.

arktayg23 April 2008
(under review)
Adrados PIE.jpg

IE evolution by F. Rodríguez Adrados

oalexandre1st April 2012

Albanian Timeframes

alexandru_mg36 December 2005

En søn af huset

tgpedersen15 March 2011
Alteuropa und das Germanische.pdf

Article by W. P. Schmid

tgpedersen8 February 2009
(under review)
ASJP - Automated Glottochronology.doc

Dating the World's Language Families

frabrig24 September 2009
(under review)

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richardwordingham 25 April 2005
Links will break on 14 December 2019
The Austric & Austroasiatic homelands.doc

A summary by F. Brighenti based on various authors

frabrig9 November 2005
Bailey, H.W. - Ttaugara.pdf

A paper on the sources of the ethnonym 'Tochari'

frabrig26 October 2007
(under review)
Bellwood 2005 IE Homeland.pdf

mkelkar200321 February 2008
(under review)
Bellwood farming hypo.pdf

mkelkar200319 February 2007
Burrow, T. - The Proto-Indoaryans (JRAS).pdf

frabrig22 October 2012
(under review)
Chatti und Mattium, die langen Tenues des Altgermanischen.pdf

Kuhn argues in this article that Germanic geminates were of NWBlock substratal origin (thus not the result of a Kluge's law). In German.

tgpedersen16 October 2007
(under review)
Coleman five IE roots for horse.pdf

mkelkar20031st November 2006

Germanic Placenames Around Boulogne - supplied by Arnaud Fournet

richardwordingham17 January 2008
Dictionary Celtic-French- Letter A - Part One.wbk

Dictionary celtic-french - Letter A - part one

dicoceltique20 May 2005
(under review)
Dictionary Celtic-French- Letter A - Part Two.wbk

Dictionary celtic-french - Letter A - part two

dicoceltique20 May 2005
(under review)
Dist SSC sites.pdf

mkelkar20038 September 2007
Distribution of Lubieszewo graves.jpg

Distribution of Lubieszewo graves

tgpedersen25 April 2008

Compared PIE Mythology

afyangh11 October 2008
(under review)
Dyen Kruskal Black 1992 chart_0001.pdf

mkelkar200325 October 2007
Early Nomads.bmp

Cultural trends of nomadic groups in the Bronze Age

tgpedersen2 December 2009

Elcock - Pyrenaic results from Latin verru:ca

oalexandre15 December 2012

Beekes: The Origin of the Etruscans

a_konushevci22 February 2007
(under review)
Ezero ring inscription explication.doc

sergijus2 July 2007
(under review)
Felice Vinci's linguistic comparisons.doc

A deconstruction by Francesco Brighenti

frabrig5 June 2009

Germanic Home-land according to LoanWords in Germanic

afyangh1st May 2008
gwRxeei xowis.wav

An amateur attempt to speak reconstructed Proto-IE

koenraad_elst14 November 2008
Hittite musical instruments, performers and verbs.doc

A tabular list of types of instruments, various types of performers, and relevant verbs from the Hittite corpus.

seadog_driftwood23 April 2007
In Winter.doc

A poem I wrote in Proto-IE and set to Late-Romantic Era "Classical" music

seadog_driftwood23 November 2005
Indo European Conference 2006.pdf

mkelkar200323 April 2008
(under review)
Italoid toponymy.jpg

oalexandre10 August 2012
language tree.doc

Updated language tree

mkelkar20038 May 2005

Early Indo-European Loanwords Preserved in Finnish

jouppe13 June 2008
limitations of IEL.doc

mkelkar200316 October 2003
Mallory & Adams.pdf

Mallory & Adams (2006): The Oxford Introduction to PIE and the PIE world

oalexandre4 December 2009
(under review)
Manning 2005 agriculture.pdf

mkelkar200317 June 2008
(under review)
Marcantonio, A. - JIES article.pdf

Marcantonio, A. - Evidence that most Indo-European lexical reconstructions are artefacts of the linguistic method of analysis

frabrig26 August 2010
(under review)
McMahon McMahon 2005.pdf

Network Model of IE languages Fig 6.12

mkelkar200325 April 2007
Meaning of life.pdf

The etymology of PIE *gWih3w-

caraculiambro7 February 2008
Mordvintseva 2007 re Koryakova.pdf

mkelkar200319 December 2008
(under review)


afyangh20 December 2008
Mušov spearblade.bmp

Mušov spearblade

tɡpedersen7 Auɡust 2000

mkelkar200331 October 2005

Brugmann's Nature and Origin of Noun Gender

Etherman238 August 2010
Nichols 1997 model .pdf

mkelkar200319 April 2008
(under review)

Correspondence of Arcaeological Phases of the Pre-Roman Iron Age of Thuringia and Poienesti

tgpedersen28 November 2010
PIE congates tally.doc

mkelkar200321 March 2007
PIE font.ttf

scopk0125 May 2008
Contrary to the PDF, this font, Californian Italic by the Font Bureau, is not free, and is therefore not published here.
PIE font.pdf

PIE font chart

scopk0125 May 2008
PIE Ode to Joy.rtf

Translation of first verse of Ode to Joy into PIE

seadog_driftwood19 June 2007
PIIr. loan words in Finno-Ugrian and Yenisseian.doc

Extract from M. Witzel, "Linguistic Evidence for Cultural Exchange in Prehistoric Western Central Asia," _Sino-Platonic Papers_ 129 (Dec. 2003)

frabrig14 February 2008
(under review)

koenraad_elst14 November 2008
(under review)

koenraad_elst14 November 2008
(under review)

Astronomical Objections to Invasionist Chronology; Ch.7 of "Asterisk in Bharopiyasthan", Delhi 2006

koenraad_elst14 November 2008
(under review)
prefinnic vocabulary reconstructed.htm

Comprehensive List of Archaic Pre-Finnic Lexemes Preserved in Finnish including PIE borrowings indicated

jouppe19 April 2008
Proto Indo Euroepan reality and reconstruction.pdf

mkelkar20033 July 2007
(under review)
Proto-Indo-Iranian us^tra 'camel'.doc

frabrig20 October 2013

Reconstruction of the face of the woman buried in Pełczyska grave No. 9

tgpedersen5 August 2010

hrubisp6 July 2005
Sanskrit ibha 'elephant'.docx

frabrig20 October 2013
Scharfe, H. - The Vedic Word for 'King'.pdf

frabrig15 November 2008
(under review)
Shaffer and Lichtenstein 2005.pdf

mkelkar200312 November 2007
(under review)
Six-slave iron neck ring chain.jpg

Six-slave iron neck ring chain

tgpedersen27 October 2010
Slavic Etymological Dictionary.pdf

Derksen (2008): Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon

oalexandre6 December 2009
(under review)
Southworth, F. C. - Linguistic Archaeology of South Asia.pdf

frabrig 1st November 2013
(under review)

An essay on PIE stress (by Piotr Gasiorowski)

29 January 2000

Index to Sergei's uploads of Stryzhak

richardwordingham 25 April 2005
All links are broken!
Talageri 2009 figures.pdf

mkelkar20031st January 2009

Talageri’s reply to Arnaud Fournet’s review.

bmscottg14 October 2013

Shrikant Talageri replies to Arnaud Fournet's slapdash critique of his argument for an Indian origin of IE

koenraad_elst31 May 2010

mkelkar20033 May 2007

mkelkar20033 May 2007
Tocharian-B Love Poem

(as taken from Mallory's "In Search of the Indo-Europeans")

seadog_driftwood23 June 2005
Variant of first poem from Górecki's 3rd Symphony.doc

Another of my poetic translations into PIE

seadog_driftwood 12 May 2007
Yahoo lost the file!
Vedic Fire Altars.pdf.pdf

mkelkar200316 September 2007
(under review)

koenraad_elst4 April 2013
Witzel, M. - Sino-Platonic Papers 129 (Dec. 2003).pdf

on C. Asian substrate words for "*-rwa beings"

frabrig23 October 2008
(under review)
Witzel, M.- Tracing the Vedic Dialects.pdf

frabrig 1st October 2013
(under review)
Younger Dryas.jpg

Pre-Younger Dryas Europe climate map

oalexandre30 May 2012

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