suzmccarth scripsit:

> Then someone ought to say "none of these names have anything to do
> with anything." It should be written right into Unicode version 4.
> I was beginning to suspect just that anyway.

That wouldn't be the whole truth either. The novice *was* able to guess
why the editor is called Emacs (it stands for "Editing MACroS", a name
of historical significance).

> I don't want to sound too miffed. Unicode will be used for what it
> is. I see that. But, I keep wondering about things like "Chinese is
> a largely monosyllabic language so an ideographic system suits it.
> Is that true or just more Emac and Bolio?

Modern Mandarin Chinese definitely isn't monosyllabic, though most of its
morphemes are (with the exceptions I mentioned earlier). The other Sinitic
languages are closer to monosyllabic, and their common ancestor Middle
Chinese was even closer.

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