I have seen the gallaudet font where pressing a key on the keyboard
results in an American Sign Language picture for that letter.

I am trying to find a British Sign Language equivalent.

Does anyone know of one?

I need to re-draw 10 of the letters to make a sign language
accessible for children with dyslexia. I need to find soemone who can
do this.

It is important for them to have the correct letter shape reinforced
and in BSL the c, d,and r are signed the wrong way round. The D T Q
are signed as upper case letters and this is confusing for children
who randomly use uppercase letters and always being told off for it!
Also it would be better if the new sign could place k on the the i
finger and p on the o finger to help sequencing (learning the
alphabet in order).

Children with dyslexia are already encouraged to sign b/d using the
old BSL sign for b ( on the left hand) and similar for d (with the
right hand) as well as the vowels on the BSL five fingers plus a
similar sign for y.

I would like to go the whole way and have a full picture alphabet
with a font so that teachers could make games and other resources.

Any help or info greatfully received.