--- suzmccarth <suzmccarth@...> wrote:
> Here is another technical question. I have been
> receiving some spam from members of this group.
> John Cowan included.
> They come with weird bywords like "read this now"
> or "this is for you" and attachments. So either,
> John Cowan and others, you really sent me these
> attachments or someone has a virus. I don't want to
> blame anyone for this. It is not a great number,
> maybe 5 or 6. Is anyone getting spam from me?

Actually you're probably not getting them from people
on this list and they probably don't have viruses.
Unfortunately, spammers these days commonly harvest
use fake email addresses to make it look like the spam
is coming from somebody other than a spammer.
I get dozens of these each day plus dozens of
emails saying that I've spammed somebody else.
Of course it's not possible to spam from or contract a
virus on a Yahoo or Hotmail account.


> Suzanne

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