suzmccarth wrote:

> > > I was suddenly enlightened. Peter Daniels doesn't know how things
> > > are encoded in Unicode and what terms are being used.
> >
> > and he doesn't care ... he doesn't need to know how the computer-jocks
> > get the scripts to come out right on the screen.
> Personally, I think you should know. If someone tells me that Tamil
> is coded as *an* abugida, then you need to know that he does not
> mean that Tamil is encoded like *the* abugida. About lack of

And now I'm supposed to know what you mean by "*an*" vs. "*the*"?

> syllabic codepoints "That isn't terribly helpful" a "syllabic
> keyboard is conceptually brilliant" That was my original point. I

Word salad?

> don't want to cause you too much pain but I think we are saying the
> same thing here. Now I understand that the coding isn't so
> important but the keyboard still is.

Why don't you ever snip the stuff you don't comment on?
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