suzmccarth wrote:

> > > Yes, of course, I get it now. Thanks. The rest of the Greek
> > > alphabet used in Psalm 119 (Septuagint Psalm 118) is something I
> > > haven't figured out yet but some other time. Unless someone else
> > > knows.
> >
> > What _are_ you talking about?? The Septuagint is written with the Greek
> > alphabet, because it's in Greek. The headings in Ps 119 are Greek
> > transliterations of the Hebrew letter names (and are our oldest source
> > for those names).
> I saw the Greek letter itself first, a nice little alpha and a
> little number sign, don't know where that comes from, but after the
> number sign comes the name of the Hebrew letter written in Greek. I
> didn't know what you meant by 'transliteration' in this case.
> Is 'aleph' the English 'transliteration' of the first letter in the
> Hebrew alphabet?

Of course. What do you think "transliteration" means?

I still have no idea what your first comment above means.
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