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> suzmccarth wrote:
> > Back to Aksharas - here is Julia Kristeva in 'Language: the
> > Unknown'. 1989. "The terminology.. indicates that sound was
> > conceived of as matter that assured the reality of the vibration
> > that is the meaning of speech. Aksara, "syllable", comes from
> > religious text naksarati, 'that which does not leak' or
rather 'the
> > imperishable basis of discourse". The phoneme, varna, had in the
> > beginning the sense of 'coloration'". However, she mentions
> > that "Indian 'logic' also tackled the rules of linguistic
> > construction." An expanation for the term 'logical order' for
> > Chinese input?
> You're not saying that you take seriously _anything_ Kristeva

Okay, there are twenty other defintions for akshara on the internet.
I'll find one that I like yet. I made a mistake there too. I meant
that the word 'logical' order is used for Indian input in phonetic
order. The connection of logic to input order may come from Indian
theory about language. I don't think I need Kristeva to find that


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