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Voiced Retroflex Lateral Fricative (?)

rohit_dasari25 August 2005

MS Word macros for IPA and Slavic accentology

mcvwxsnl11 July 2005

FYI: Miguel's IPA transcription (updated)

mcvwxsnl17 August 2003

A quick reference chart of sounds in extended SAMPA notation.

richardwordingham11 August 2003

Article from J. of Int. Quant Ling Assoc

hubeyh6 August 2003

Yahoo deleted file attachments from the archived files in August 2003. Worthwhile attachments have been transferred to the files section. This file provides an index for them.

richardwordingham 1st August 2003
(Links updated 23 December 2019

Vowel chart for discussion in Message 420

richardwordingham1st August 2003

Five sound files. See Message 235 for a description.

richardwordingham1st August 2003

SC UniPad -- a useful program for composing texts in Unicode characters

caraculiambro28 November 2000

SimPL font (supports Unicode, IPA extensions)

caraculiambro 17 July 2000
(Not for public distribution)

The official chart of IPA symbols

caraculiambro27 April 2000

How to convert the transcription used in Webster's dictionary into IPA

caraculiambro16 April 2000

Lucida Sans Unicode (Netscape users: click with the SHIFT key depressed)

12 April 2000
(Under review - but note that it is included in modern Microsoft Windows)

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