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International Phonemic Alphabet
zhoroscop8 December 2013
Georgian - a challenging language online
Learn Georgian free. All materials are included: lectures in English, Georgian texts with transliterations, exercises, Georgian-English dictionary, audio-files, Georgian fonts, etc)
mananakobaidze12 January 2006
Siraiki Language group
aslamrasoolpuri2 April 2004
Siraiki Language of Pakistan
aslamrasoolpuri2 April 2004
A great sports betting website.
Lots of different sports!
(link expunged)
25 November 2003
International Phonetic Association
The official website of the IPA
Piotr Gasiorowski16 April 2000
Piotr Gasiorowski's Home Page
The moderator's website, by way of self-introduction
Piotr Gasiorowski15 April 2000
The Indo-European Database eGroup
Go there to discuss HISTORICAL phonology
Piotr Gasiorowski15 April 2000

Updates to Links

Some of the original links above are now dead. Updated links are provided below where known:

Indo-European Database eGroup

This group is better known as the Cybalist (Yahoo!) group. The original link is dead. Yahoo still maintains the group as a pure mailing list; the archives up to 28 October 2019 are maintained separately.

Piotr Gasiorowski's Home Page

Following the original link simply leads to Yahoo! advertising. Head rather for its archive.

IPA Website

The original link is dead. The IPA has a new web site.

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