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Pali sound files

Pronunciation word by word

grasje24 May 2010
Ven. Pandita

Research Papers

ashinpan9 March 2010
Vocabularies for jmemorise

with these vocabularies you can use a "flashcard" programme to learn the vocabulary

grasje10 February 2009
Google Earth Club

Contains .kmz files for use with Google Earth program

ypong00120 July 2006
Pali Learning Files

Vocabulary learning files for use with Input Easy software.

palistudent25 April 2006
Introduction to Pali

Materials for A. K. Warder's book

ypong00131 March 2004
Jeff Brooks

Alternate translations of the Satipatthana Suttas

jhanananda23 September 2003

Course information and materials (from Piya Tan)

ypong00128 June 2002
Pali Software

Software that can be used to help in learning Pali

palistudent20 May 2002
Nyânatiloka's Buddhist glossary (lost!)

Nyânatiloka's Buddhist Dictionary 4thEd. 1980 (.pdf file)

buddhayatana1st May 2002
Dictionaries oselok17 April 2002
Narada's Elementary Pali Course buddhayatana2 February 2002
Gair Karunatillake

New Course in Reading Pali. Gair/Karunatillake.

palistudent28 January 2002

Pali Fonts

palistudent29 November 2001
primer (lost!)

Pali Primer

ypong00118 October 2001

It is quite possible that the material that was or was intended to be in the missing directory primer is available at under the heading "Pali primer".

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Pali endings.xls

alphabetized pali ending list to determine case of word

fcckuan6 March 2011

alphabetized index of pali suffix

fcckuan19 February 2011
NPC verb summary cards paligaramond.pdf

NPC verb summary cards

rwgraves112 November 2010
NPC other points summary cards paligaramond.pdf

NPC Pali summary card

rwgraves17 November 2010
NPC noun summary cards paligaramond.pdf

pdf file that summarises noun endings from NPC

rwgraves17 November 2010

Sanskrit & Pali Transliterator (HTML-based)

linguasoft13 September 2010

Sanskrit & Pali Writer (HTML-based)

linguasoft13 September 2010
The New Pali Course Part I.doc

dhammadinna15 April 2010
mailops 091226.txt

Mail Operations Procedures

ypong00128 December 2009
Samyutta Number Conversion Table.pdf

Table for easy conversion between traditional (DPR, CSCD) and modern (ATI, CBD) of samyutta numbering.

venkumara23 November 2009
calculate_samyutta_num_in _DPR.html

formula to calculate 2 field samyutta address (thanissaro suttas) to 4 field DPR samyutta address

fcckuan22 November 2009

Schedule for Series G: The New Pali Course Part II

ypong0019 August 2009
Pali-Enghlish vocabulary correct endings (velthuis).xls

spreadsheet vocabulary for practicing words. a-ending nouns presented in nominative. Velthuis

grasje22 February 2009

Buddhadatta Pali-English dictionary Velthuis format.rtf

buddhayatana14 February 2009

Buddhadatta Pali-English dictionary Velthuis format.txt

buddhayatana14 February 2009
The village plus answers.doc

Declension-exercise after Pali primer lesson 8 and Elementary pali lesson 5

grasje7 February 2009

Pali Roots according to the Saddaniti

flrobert200026 January 2009
pali english dictionary for learning words (vel).xls

Spreadsheet for practising Pali words for various pali courses (all Pali words in Velthuis code)

palistudent19 January 2009
Void and image.doc

an extended sermon, it seems

jothiko14 October 2007

nobdup17 July 2006
Pali Content Management System for

Contents (in Velthuis): Duroiselles' Pali Grammer, Yong Peng's Verbs, Declen & Conjugations, Roots & Prefixes, Buddhadatt's Eng-Pali, Combined Pali-Eng Dicts.(23291 terms), Grammer Terms Defn, Questions and Answers from various Pali students, and a text editor for practise. All materials are accessable from a single interface/page. This application is dedicated as a thank-you to all members and authors who contribute to make learning Pali easy and accessible to seekers. HL.

harryliew6631 January 2006
Verbal Endings ∧ Conjugated Verbs.pdf

Forming Conjugated verbs in Pali

myanpali27 January 2006

myanpali29 September 2005
Formation of Verbal Stems.pdf

Common to both conjugated verbs and primary derivatives

myanpali4 May 2005

Check this page for more files to download

ypong00115 April 2005

List of pali roots in velthuis, hk, unicode, ncr

alexgenaud26 March 2005
Primary Derivatives.pdf

myanpali24 March 2005

Relation Grammar (Basic)

myanpali26 January 2005

Index for "More Pali-Every few days" C164

jjnbdal3 January 2005

dhammapada in pali and english translation

junet98766 May 2004

Ud I.4

derekacameron4 March 2003

Grammatical Terms (Ven. Bhikkhu Nanamoli)

ypong00125 December 2002

The Mass of Fire Comparison

derekacameron13 August 2001

A Taste of Pali

derekacameron8 August 2001

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