Re: The physical type of proto-Indo-Europeans

From: ytielts
Message: 43314
Date: 2006-02-08

Is it well documented what the original Indo-Europeans looked like. I
have no idea. However, it is documented in China, where I come from,
that, a people who used to live in North western China and believed to
speak a kind of Indo-Iranian language, called Sai (pronounced in
Chinese) or referred to Scythians by ancient Greeks and Romans, were
white skinned and fair eyed. Besides, hundreds of mummies have been
excavated in Xingjiang over the last thirty years. Chinese
anthropologists claim that they have typical European physical
features. Kelkar said the other day that Greek and Roman writers in the
centuries before and after Christ stated that Iranian-speaking peoples
north of the Black Sea and Caspian had fair or reddish hair and blue
Could any of you guys tell me where to find such Greek and Roman
documents? Thanks.