Re: The physical type of proto-Indo-Europeans

From: g
Message: 43317
Date: 2006-02-08

> Besides, hundreds of mummies have been
> excavated in Xingjiang over the last thirty years. Chinese
> anthropologists claim that they have typical European physical
> features.

Yeah, the "Takla Makan" or "Cherchen" mummies. Kept in Ürümchi. They
are of the North European kind, of tall people (1,80-1,90 m), brown,
blond, red-haired. And wearing clothes with surprising "keltish"
features (of the plaid/tartan kind). Just google a bit, you'll find
interesting articles, and significant color pictures. Those people
probably belonged to the Tokharians.

> Kelkar said the other day that Greek and Roman writers in the
> centuries before and after Christ stated that Iranian-speaking peoples
> north of the Black Sea and Caspian had fair or reddish hair and blue
> eyes.

That's right. And according to today's researchers (American &
West-European), genetic evidence show that various Mongolian and Turkic
tribes in the Siberian and Mongolian steppes have such Scythian genes
too. About 2-3 years ago I saw a documentary broadcast by a German TV
channel showing an American older lady, resarcher in this field, that
discovered in a yurt in Mongolia a family having two fair-haired
daughters; the saliva gathered and sent to a genetic-research institute
in Germany provided the genetic evidence of Scythian ("Amazons'")
ancestry as well in those Mongolian people. (Actually the relevant
areas coincide with the archaeological sites, way East to the region of
Tuva, where in tumuli there were unearthed spectacular necropolae full
of superb artefacts, among which many and variegated pieces of
jewellery in gold; fine art. The skeleton of the chieftains and their
wifes seem to have typical europid characteristics.)


PS: It seems that Temüdjin's clan also had such Scythian (or
Tocharian?) ancestry. I mean "Djingis Khan".