Re: [tied] Re: Cognates for nape of the neck, neck: qafaa, 'unuq, g

From: alex
Message: 43316
Date: 2006-02-08

g schrieb:

>> BTW, none of the terms "qafa, gyd and/or `nq" are found in any of the
>> so-called Semitic languages.
> Rum. gât (also spelled as gît). It has been interpreted as a loanword
> from Old Slavic glu^tu^ "swallowing", hence also akin to Lat.
> -glutinare (and singultus, which has resulted in Rum. sughitz, and not
> in Rum. *sugât; and Rum. înghitzi/re "to swallow", înghite "s/he
> swallows; is swallowing").

> George

I was guessing that "gyd" should be something related to "gât".
The funny part in this story with Latin/Slavic is in fact to ignore.
I assume "inghitsi" is not from "inglutire" but a derivativ from
"gât", the "â" became "i" under the influence of "i" of the next
syllable: gât+y> gâtsi > gitsi where gi is not the affricated "g"
but the palatal velar gi, the sonor counterpart of "ki"
The Slavic "glUtU" appears improbable for "gât", one of the words
which have big phonetical dificulties to be derived from Slavic.
I know there is the interjection "gâtsi" but here "â" appears to be
stressed, thus it did not go to "i" as in in+gâti".