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Date: 2002-12-18

gs001ns@... wrote:
> "P&G" wrote:
>> No such word. For "hard", you can have the following,
>> plus a few compounds:
> He was alluding to the Romanian word "tare." It means
> "strong; mighty; stiff; hard" and "very" (as such, synonym
> of "foarte"). It is assumed that it stems from Lat.
> "talis". Some assume it might be a substrate word.
> But "atare" (a + tare), meaning "as such", seems to

[a+tare] = new construction in the "culte romanian". Excuse-me, but you
will never hear a peasant speaking " ca atare" and I doubt they now this
meaning. It seems this new construction ( nowhere in Coressi or in the
old literar testimonies).I guess it is pretty very recent . Interesting
to see when it first appiared in the literature.

> fit the "talis" assumption. Moreover, "tare", at least in
> some regions of Romania, also has the meaning "some; a
> few" - a meaning I am not sure Alex is familiar with,
> but which again suggests a link to "talis" (and
> "tale-quale").
>> Peter
> George

yes, I am avare of these meanings. In such cases "tare" means
"very",italian "tropo", french "tres" and is the synonim of "foarte".
Forte = cf DEX = from latin "forte", but there are cases where it means
The meaning doesnt bore me here. Even in german language is the use of
"hard" in the same sense as romanian:
" er hat hard geschlagen"," er hat stark geschlagen" .
I guess is OK with the meaning.