Re: [tied] bad dictionary

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17223
Date: 2002-12-18

george knysh wrote:
> --- Alex wrote:
>>> Has anyone an idea if my dictionary is too small
>> or there is indeed no
>>> "talem" in latin which should mean hard, dry,
>> strong"?
> *****GK: "tellus" is used in the sense of "dry ground"
> in Ovid, Lucan, and Pliny. The Sanskr. of this is
> supposedly "talam". But the basic sense of the word is
> "earth". Then there's "talus" which means either
> ankle-bone or knuckle-bone.*****

very interesting geroge. And from my point of view because of an another
word in romanian which does not present the
"ts" form. I speak about "tãrâm"= one another country in an another
dimension if I am allowed to say so. In fact, better I give the
description from DEX:
tãrâm= 1) country, region,
2) in stories= a far away underground region, in another
dimesnion , populated with mithological beeings
Etymologie: conform turk "terim" ( no ideea about meaning in turkish) or
from hungarian "terem"= big haal.
That is DEX.

talam=tãrâm what can I say more?