Re: [tied] bad dictionary

From: alexmoeller@...
Message: 17221
Date: 2002-12-18

P&G wrote:
>> Has anyone an idea if my dictionary is too small or there is indeed
>> no "talem" in latin which should mean hard, dry, strong"?
> No such word. For "hard", you can have the following, plus a few
> compounds: (a) durus, rigidus, ferreus, adamantinus,
> (b) [= cruel] saevus, immittis, ferus, crudelus, asper, barabarus,
> trux,dirus, atrox, truculentus, sangineus, cruentus, inhumanus,
> (c) [= difficult] difficilis, arduus, gravis, operosus
> For "dry" there's only siccus, arens, aridus, siccatus, siticulosus
> Peter

Thank you very much Peter. I was "afraid" there is maybe no a such word.
The DEX gives romanian "tare"= hard, dry as beeing from latin "talem"

Of course I see the german "Darre"= romanian "tare".
let see what about the germanic one:

germ "Darre", mhd="darre", ahd="darra" belong to the germanic group
We take a look at "dür" and learn as fallows:
Dürr= from PIe "*ters" with cognates in greek "teresthai", latin
"torr(id)us", "terra".

It seems in this case that the romanian adjectiv "tare" = hard, dry has
nothing to do with latin even if it looks very latin-like.