Re: [tied] Rum. sce/sci > $te/$ti [Re: -ishte, -eshte]

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Date: 2002-09-12

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Subject: [tied] Rum. sce/sci > $te/$ti [Re: -ishte, -eshte]

> 1. It's /stSeptru/;

> 2. All apparenly "exceptions" given above by Alex are in
fact new
> loanwords which have no reason to follow an ancient
phonetical rule

sceptru = new word? am not sure even if we find it in french
too.And just because there is no synonim there for it makes me
to ask myself if this is so or not.
Interesting is that sceptru went not Shteptru but stzeptru in
some regional subdialects.
Before I am will try to say something more about sce/sci >
$te/$sti I should like to ask the people here h o w was the
pronounciation of these in latin?sce /sci was in latin
pronounced like what?