Rum. sce/sci > $te/$ti [Re: -ishte, -eshte]

From: m_iacomi
Message: 15409
Date: 2002-09-12

--- In cybalist@..., "Richard Wordingham" wrote:

> --- In cybalist@..., alexmoeller@... wrote:
>>>>[Moeller]hmmmm "s" becam "sh" before "t" just when "t"
>>>>fallowed by e and i.
>>> No! Only when s + ce & s + ci, *and* ce/ci already = [t$e/t$i],
>>> only then you can get > $t.
>> [Moeller] wie bitte? What about sceptru, sceptic, discerne,
>> disciplina, scindare,?Common George, please.
> Alex, could you please let non-Romanians in on the conversation.
> I cannot work out from what you are saying whether <sceptru> is
> pronounced
> /Skeptru/, /Steptru/, /StSeptru/, /stSeptru/ or indeed some other
> way.

1. It's /stSeptru/;
2. All apparenly "exceptions" given above by Alex are in fact new
loanwords which have no reason to follow an ancient phonetical rule
[active up to the period of Common Romanian, as proven by Aromanian
peaSti < piscis (lat.) or creaStiri < crescere (lat.)]. It's neither
for the first and unfortunately nor for the last time you will see
this kind of confusion in his messages: he simply doesn't make the

Marius Iacomi