Re: [tied] Rum. sce/sci > $te/$ti [Re: -ishte, -eshte]

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Date: 2002-09-11

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[Re: -ishte, -eshte]
> Yes, it's called the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
> it needs its own letters, but we have been making
compromises on Cybalist.
> Various Rumanian combinations can be written
> <che> = /ke/
> <$> = /S/
> Other sounds are more complicated. If Romanian <ace> and
<at$e> are
> pronounced the same, then we can write /atSe/ for the sound.

[Moeller] is not the same.
"ace" is pronounced as ce in check
at$e is almost imposible to pronounce in romanian t$ or "tsh"
is not che from check.And is not a short "e" or short
"i".grrrrrrrrrrr... maybe Miguel can help somehow..

and you try to use the "ts" but there is "ts" in romanian or
"tz" , which is like in the german Cesar or Zeppelin.

Mmm, maybe someone could get it more better.