Phonetic Transcriptions

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 15414
Date: 2002-09-12

Was 'Rum. sce/sci > $te/$ti-'

I've been searching to see what standards there are for phonetic
transcriptions in ASCII, and I found SAMPA and X-SAMPA, incorporating

The home page is:

A detailed exposition of X-SAMPA is given at:
It's heavy going.

The application to Romanian is given in:

I think they made a mistake for Romanian. Instead of e_Xa for the
diphthong <ea>, I think they should have chosen Ea, and similarly I
think Oa would have been better than o_Xa for <oa>. Let the native
speakers decide. The _X suffix means 'eXtra short'; [E] and [O] are
low vowels.

The issue of affricates is only addressed properly in the detailed
exposition of X-SAMPA. The recommended solution is that where
clusters and affricates need to be distinguished, a hyphen be
inserted in the cluster. So, English 'potsherd' would be /pQt-S3:d/
and 'hatching' would be /h{tSiN/ or /hatSiN/. (See Section 7
for a justification of /a/ instead of /{/.) It allows for affricates
to be written, e.g., t_S, so that silent hyphens would not be needed,
but treats that as undesirable. (In phonological terms, affricate-
like clusters are 'marked' :)

Finally, there's the issue of schwa, which causes Yahoo groups to
mangle words containing them. The quick and dirty solution is to use
&. An alternative solution is to invent an extra X-SAMPA (XX-
SAMPA ?) character and use &\, so that the pronunciation of mãr is
written /m&\r/. I suppose /m3r/ or possibly even /m6r/ would also do.


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> and you try to use the "ts" but there is "ts" in romanian or
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