zau [Re: a help...]

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15028
Date: 2002-09-03

>[Moeller] Miguel, beside zeu= good, the romanins use "zi zãu
>ca spui adevarul" = "swear tha you say the true"

Why don't you explain what you introduce here? In this
case, "zau!" is an interjection - meaning approx. "really" or
"c'mon!" And your example is awkward. Usually one asks
(in disbelief) "Zãu?", even with emphasis "Zãããu?" = "really?"
And "Zãu!" = "I tell ya!", "(That's how it happened,) I swear
to gawd!". etc.

>I cann just speculate now that it is an ancient thing where
>people swered by god and taking in mouth the word "God" they
>gave the most proof that they say the true.. REgional the form
>zãu is used for "God" in Dumnezãu".

Could be. Anyway, Romanian linguists assume that this interjection
is < "zeu" (god). OTOH, its ã-vowel /@/ might then be seen as a hint
that "zãu" could be older than "zeu".