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Date: 2002-09-03

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>[Moeller] Miguel, beside zeu= good, the romanins use "zi zãu
>ca spui adevarul" = "swear tha you say the true"

Why don't you explain what you introduce here? In this
case, "zau!" is an interjection - meaning approx. "really" or
"c'mon!" And your example is awkward. Usually one asks
(in disbelief) "Zãu?", even with emphasis "Zãããu?" = "really?"
And "Zãu!" = "I tell ya!", "(That's how it happened,) I swear
to gawd!". etc.


zãu= interj.
1.) Make stronger an affirmation or a negation, sometimes near
this word is the word "asha"=so) Pe legea mea, jur cã... ( On
my law, I swear that...) Expr. (popular) A zice zãu =To say
zãu =" to swear". Ba (nu) zãu =Really ( see please
note )=dimpotriva ( on the contrary), te asigur ca ( I ensure
you that...)
2.Indeed, sure, without doubt, for sure. Expr. Nu stiu zãu!=i
doubt, i ask myself if..
3. Please! [Variable zeu interj.] > lat. deus

1. (Intareste o afirmatie sau o negatie, uneori insotzit de
"asha") Pe legea mea, jur cã... . Expr (pop) A zice zãu= a
jura.Ba (nu) zãu=dimpotriva, te asigur cã..., vorbesc serios.
2. Intradevar, desigur, fãrã îndoialã,bineîntzeles Expr.Nu
stiu, zãu!=mã îndoiesc, mã întreb dacã
3: Te rog! [Var. zeu interj.] >lat. deus

1).Ba nu zãu. We find here trough these examles the word "ba"
again in this case meaning "no". In romanian you can negate
trough "nu" = no or trough "ba" = no.
So DEX , this word come from bulgarian, serbian, polonian,
ucrainian "ba"
2) ba is not bã