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Date: 2002-09-03

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As for your spelling "sânt", you either spell "sunt" or
"Sânt" is has never been a correct spelling.

[moeller]what means here correct? Correct is how the literary
rules are made or how the people speak?
Ma father, mother, my village speak with sânt/sînt . And they
do not care about this literarry corectness. And what to do?
to kill them because they do not fallows rule they never heard
about? that is funny:-)))

>Literary: sunt, eshti, este, suntem, suntetzi, sunt
>Regional: mis, iashti, ie, stem, stetzi, s

Come on! These are the "shortened", subdialectal, variants.

[moeller] yeah! they are short forms and composed forms. But
the people speak that way! Please try to let the intelectual
prisma from your eyes and try to see the things as a normal
peasant. You are in a contradiction here with the literary
rules and the way the peasant speak. Which is then the corect

>"Io mis din deal d'aciela. Si voi stetzi adushi acushi.
>ãia ?

It is! Any native speaker uses almost all rules of his/her
without having to know what a substantive, a verb etc. is.

[Moeller] in the way he hear it from there where he lives. not
from books. And you see, they speak different as in books:-)