sunt & sint [Re: a help...]

From: George S t a n a
Message: 15024
Date: 2002-09-03

>Is sunt the current spelling for sînt (I am, they are)? [I noticed Vinereanu
>writes sânt, because, apparently, he's privy to details about the
>conjugation of
>the Daco-Thracian copula that nobody else knows about].

V. himself (or the webpage host?) wishes to use the
so-called... pre-commie spelling (i.e. which was valid until
Apr 1, 1954). But he has no idea of the real rules of the
"old" spelling. For instance, he puts apostrophes everywhere,
and "sânt" is wrong. According to that spelling he must write
"sunt". (It is again in use; this was decided by the Academy in
1992, along with the reuse of â in infixes, except for composita,
e.g. "reînceput", not "reânceput".

>Miguel Carrasquer Vidal