Re: When Germani?

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Date: 2001-09-05

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> This would explain why there is so little impact of Celtic on
> continental Germanic. If the Nordic-Germans had lived side-by-side
> with the Celts on the continent for a long time one would expect to
> find more evidence in German. For example, the type of similarities
> found between Brythonic and Baltic. To me this indicates that
> Brythonic-speakers shared a common border with Baltic-speakers at
> some relatively recent point in time. This leaves no room for the
> Nordic German except in Sweden and points north.
> Again must run now
> JS Crary

Brythonic and Baltic? Now that's strange.

Tacitus "Germania" has

Ergo iam dextro Suebici maris litore Aestiorum gentes adluuntur,
quibus ritus habitusque Sueborum, lingua Britannicae propior.

ie. that the Aestii have rites similar to those of the Suebi, but
language similar to that of the Britannic.

What are the similarities between Brythonic and Baltic you are
referring to?