Re: When Germani?

From: Joseph S Crary
Message: 9027
Date: 2001-09-04



looks very q to me as well

Sequani C-kwat

Very primative

Still not Nordic-German

Maybe its like several retentive Latin words


quattuor or quinque

>Does that mean that the ethnogenesis (or rather glotto-genesis?) of
Germanic should be put at shortly before that year?<

I think the main move from Sweden began within a few years of the
Cimbric migration south, around 120 BC. A much bigger Nordic-German
move during the period of the Roman-German wars, from roughly 55 BC
to AD 45. At present just a formative theory.

>Did Germanic (as a recently established creole) suddenly spread on
previously Celtic territory? <

I think for the most part yes. I believe the Roman sources document
that the Celt-Germans were so depleted by intertribal wars, wars with
rome, and the migration of populations into the Roman held Rhineland,
that there was a virtual flood of Nordic-Germans from Sweden into
Denmark and northern Germany.

This would explain why there is so little impact of Celtic on
continental Germanic. If the Nordic-Germans had lived side-by-side
with the Celts on the continent for a long time one would expect to
find more evidence in German. For example, the type of similarities
found between Brythonic and Baltic. To me this indicates that
Brythonic-speakers shared a common border with Baltic-speakers at
some relatively recent point in time. This leaves no room for the
Nordic German except in Sweden and points north.

Again must run now

JS Crary