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From: Piotr Gasiorowski
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Date: 2001-08-20

By the way, if Taruisa and Wilusija (Hittite Wilusa-), listed among the Assuwan towns subjugated by Tuthalijas II, don't refer to the same place, perhaps Homer was wrong about identifying Troy with Ilion. Maybe the real "Trojan" war was against a league of neighbouring coastal towns whose names were confused after their destruction and the turmoil caused by the "Sea Peoples". And if so, what did Schliemann discover -- Troy or Ilion? ;)
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Assuwa is kind of a sticky issue, actually. Controversy surrounds its
exact boundaries. Some want to put it only to the north of Arzawa, in
the islands and Northern Anatolia.However, in the Iliad, Homer speaks
of two Lycias, one near Mt. Ida and Troy, the other distant Lycia, in
its traditional southern location. And if Apasa were the capital of
the Assuwa league, wouldn't that put it smack dab in the middle of
Arzawa/Lydia Thus, Lydia may well be Arzawa, but Arzawa was part of
In any case, you are right. Assuwa wasn't a stable political body,
but a loose confederation that sometimes fought together for common
goal. And they did lose to the Hittites, became vassals. Shortly
before the troubled times of Sea Peoples and Trojan war.

-Mr. Caws