Michael Everson wrote:
> At 09:21 -0400 2005-09-01, Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> >I know John Singler, of course. He's an American Africanist, professor
> >of linguistics and former department chair at NYU.
> Yes, and we all met together in New York to work on Vai.
> >As you say, this list is not helpful in assessing whether any input at
> >all was received from the people described by Scribner & Cole as the
> >users of Vai script.
> These people took the time and trouble to work with us on encoding
> Vai. They are Vais. They speak Vai. And, wonder of wonders, they are
> users of the Vai script.
> Duh.

I know for a fact that one of them, John Victor Singer, is not "a Vai,"
and not a "user of the Vai script."

> > > One may deduce, given the quality of the proposal, that they are
> >> experts on Vai who approved the character set, its names, and its
> >> glyphs.
> >
> >That looks like a tacit admission that none of them actually _is_ a user
> >of Vai literacy in daily or ceremonial life.
> Nothing you say about this can have any meaning, because you haven't
> even bothered to read the proposal.

You're a damn good bullshit artist. The details of the proposal are of
no concern, since if it's implemented it won't be accessible to the
people who could actually benefit from it -- the users of traditional
Vai literacy, almost all of whom are not literate in English.
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