At 09:21 -0400 2005-09-01, Peter T. Daniels wrote:

>I know John Singler, of course. He's an American Africanist, professor
>of linguistics and former department chair at NYU.

Yes, and we all met together in New York to work on Vai.

>As you say, this list is not helpful in assessing whether any input at
>all was received from the people described by Scribner & Cole as the
>users of Vai script.

These people took the time and trouble to work with us on encoding
Vai. They are Vais. They speak Vai. And, wonder of wonders, they are
users of the Vai script.


> > One may deduce, given the quality of the proposal, that they are
>> experts on Vai who approved the character set, its names, and its
>> glyphs.
>That looks like a tacit admission that none of them actually _is_ a user
>of Vai literacy in daily or ceremonial life.

Nothing you say about this can have any meaning, because you haven't
even bothered to read the proposal.
Michael Everson *