Well, I started collecting dictionaries, grammars and phrase books decades
ago. My book collection has turned into a small liberary by now.

The Cree Matthew quote was taken from the Bible in Western Cree (1976), the
numerals and sample words as well. The Cree translation of "Silent Night" was
copied from a Cree hymn book published in 1971.

About twenty years ago I started collecting Bible translations. The Bible or
portions of it have been translated into over 2,000 different languages by
now. My favorite passage of the Bible is "The Lord's Prayer" (Matth. 6:9-13).
It might be of some interest to you and other qalamites that the following
website lists translations of the Lord's Prayer in over 1,300 different


Several months ago I was able to obtain a copy of the New Testament printed
in the Vai syllabic script. Vai is spoken by about 80,000 people in Liberia.


By the way SIL has published a Vai font recently: _http://s (

The most precious book in my collection, however, is a prayer book printed
in Micmac (Mi'kmaq) hieroglyphics. The book entitled "Buch, das gut, enthaltend
den Katechismus,
Betrachtung, Gesang" (The Good Book containing the Catechism, Meditations,
was printed in Vienna, Austria in 1866.



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