Daniel Yacob wrote:
> Its been a few months since I've checked on qalam. Looking thru the
> recent archives it seems that a fair percentage of the debates that
> transpire address terminologies.
> I thought it might be useful if the group maintained, under the
> "Files" section, a glossary of writing related terms.

Great idea! Thank you for volunteering. :-)

However, I would not suggest to use the Files section, because only
the member who created the glossary file and the moderator(s) would
be able to edit it, and this would make co-operative work impossible.

I slightly better approach could be using the Database section:


I created a template Glossay database: feel free to use it, if the
format fits your need, or to create your own.

The features of the Database section are quite limited as well:
members are only allowed to *add* records to a database, but not to
edit or delete existing records.

Currently, only the moderator(s) and the member who created the
database can edit and delete records. So, there should be someone in
charge of periodically clean up wrong and supersed entries (that's
why I added Author and Date fields in my template database).

The only other available option is to allow all members to do
anything they want on databases, but this would mean leaving our
glossary at the mercy of vandals and spammers...

I tried myself to start a bibliography database (see in it the
Database section) but it didn't have much success. Good luck!

Seshat (Qalam admin)