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> áÐ3áS•áS¤áˆ* áЫáЕá‰Ýብ wrote:
> Who?

Daniel, apparently. Could Daniel please tell us what encoding/language
he's using?

Fwiw, it seems that after a while, one can determine the identity of a
language/script mis-rendered in Latin-1 (or even ASCII!) with some
likelihood of success. These encoding messes are most definitely not
random assortments of characters, and although they are exceedingly
illegible, some general attributes can be learned. Specifically, afaik,
Russian rendered in Latin-1 seems to consist mostly of accented vowels; it
seems to be one of the easier encodings to recognize.

(Anyone for transparent overlay encoding charts? Latin-1 would be opaque,
at the bottom of the stack...)

It might be a nice project sometime to describe the appearance of popular
languages as they appear in ASCII and Latin-1.

When will YahooGroups adopt/accept/become compat. with utf-8? Qalam
really needs it!

(Horrible thought: Use utf-7?) SC Unipad converted Daniel's cryptic string
into utf-7 as
no less! (Square bracket delimiters added)

Seriously, we do have a modest problem, and I don't know what to do about

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